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Acoustic Solution For Jtv With Dt Amps

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I had a hard time with acoustic from the DT but I came up with a solution that seems to work well. This patch works amazing with my DT25 head, 2X12 sealed cab with Celestion V30s and it should work fine with any other DT setup. It may not be perfect but it works with all 5 acoustic models.

This setup provides the clean, unprocessed guitar signal from the Variax straight to the DT power section without ANY amp sims...

I put a flip top in channel A, centered the mixers and then mute channel A. You can use any amp model in channel A, it is just a placeholder. I use it for low DSP. We are not running through the flip top at all. We are only using it to "lock" the DT from switching to the amp in channel B and to control the physical topology. By placing no amp in channel B and muting channel A in the POD we effectively send the clean "unamped" acoustic guitar signal straight to the DT power section through channel B! I set the topology to III in HDEdit and it just gets that nice sort of resonance you would expect from an acoustic. We also have to change the input to Variax-Same to ensure that our signal is passed to channel B. You may have to turn up the mixer levels for volume matching and add an EQ for tone shaping. I use a reverb in the chain too.


I also use this setup for synth tones through the DT. Place all your synth and FX blocks in the B path or the post mixer and you will get the pure synth without the amp coloring just like with a FRFR solution.


Here is a link to a set list with a couple of variations of this concept... try it out and give me some feedback if you like the idea or not...

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So far, this idea is working great for me!!! I listened back to some recording I did, and I can actually hear it as an acoustic tone, and it's quite useable. I am personally very encouraged.

I took the basic concept that radatats came up with, and tweaked it some. As I understand it, the EQ is used in place of the amp tone stack, since the amp is entirely bypassed - and it does help. Roll the bass off some and enhance the upper treble slightly.

I added wah, compressor, chorus, spring reverb and a delay, assigned those to fs1-4. I made the reverb toggle between the light very subtle reverb, to a more spacious and obvious amount of verb.

I messed with the mixer controls, and found that without any boost fx the mixer can be used to boost the overall level which passes into the recording, though I ended up dialing it back if I had any boost FX, or even the wah.

Here are some recordings I did, please forgive the rusty / sloppy playing! Just a simple thing, with me just aimlessly noodling over a couple of simple loops.

I don't know what specific settings were used, some combination of what I mentioned above, and of course built on the framework of radatats idea. I do know that I upgraded to the 2.0 firmware on the JTV, so the actual acoustic model settings are stock 2.0.

The "JTV-Acoustic.mp3" is the most natural sounding, in G major. And actually isn't terrible; though I need to spend some time adjusting, overall it's a decent start! I think that was just direct off the back of the DT25.

The "JTV-Am_MIX.mp3" is a slightly out of tune and more wobbly noodle / jam in Am; and the file is a mix of the direct off the DT25 and a stereo mic in front of the amp. I think the two signals are phasing each other a little bit. And the loop may have been a bit shoddy on being in tune.

The "JTV-Cm_DT25" is a mix of models, not sure whether it's acoustics or what. It is the mono send from the DT25 converted into a stereo .mp3 file. I had some clipping and had to dial back the mixer channel level in the middle of that track, but overall listenable. I am looking forward to being able to spend some more time with the JTV, in particular with the Workbench HD; haven't had a chance yet to tweak the actual JTV models.


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nice... first one definitely gets the acoustic nod... if you didn't know, you would not suspect it was modelled or through a DT tube amp...  I am sure an L series probably sounds even better but its another $800+...

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Overall, I found that rolling back the volume on the JTV helped to some extent when I was using a more vigorous approach to the playing style.

I think there are a combination of strange artifacts in these recordings, probably a combo of noise from the piezo's and some issues in the recording gear and/or computer.


I had forgotten these two, also pretty shaky overall, in terms of playing (I took several years off, then decided to get back into playing, and bought a JTV59 and a DT25 a few weeks ago!..)


Noodled around on the chords to Wagon Wheel:


Blues-esque noodling, though this does achieve a decent overall acoustic impression:


These are definitely using your FlipTop patch concept, which I am guessing will also work quite well for the reso models as well

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I am sure an L series probably sounds even better but its another $800+...


I think the L series is a sweet idea, and that StageScape mixer is wild.

For me, I like what the DT offers in terms of the Bogner component. The L-Series look great, and I'd love to use a few of those to rig a main / monitor stage set.

I can imagine that the DT going to the XLR out into the StageScape mixer into a few of the L series speakers would be stellar indeed..


The mixer also does some kind of multi-track recording to an SD card, which is uber-sweet.

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Thanks again radatats! I was able to mess with this last night and the sound really was impressive. So much so that I'm going to use one of the 12 string acoustic patches (with ResoG tuning) at a gig this Saturday. I agree with ColonelForbin in that rolling back the volume on the JTV helped as well.

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