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HELIX pedalboard setup


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Hello to all,

  I am in the process of laying out a new pedalboard, which will feature the Helix, 2 expression pedals, wireless receiver and additional tuner. Can you post a picture of your pedalboard which includes the Helix. I'm interested in seeing what additional pedals/effects you have with it, and the layout. It seems every time I get used to a certain pedalboard setup, I have to change things around depending on venue and wether or not I use an amp or go to FOH mixer. My new board is 18 x 36" so plenty of room. I would love not to have to do this again.

Thanks for any help,




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Here is my list of advice from going that route for several years.

  • Use external pedals that take up a lot of DSP in the Helix like a Drop Pedal or reverb.  If you use lots of different reverbs you may want to make it Midi.
  • Don't put any pedals in the FX loops of the Helix that will go before a dirty amp.  They add noise to the signal and you may need to use additional gates.  After a dirty amp is fine.  If you use external pedals like a wah or Drop just put those in front of the Helix.
  • It can be hard not to buy new pedals.  Leave space.  If you find a unique pedal that you like treat yourself.  For example, the wahs in the Helix are good but none compare to my Jerry Cantrell or EVH wahs.
  • Make sure your Helix is protected and that you have a backup.  Even drunk bandmates can be a threat and cause catastrophe.

Enjoy and have fun with it.

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I had the Helix floor in a pedalboard with many other pedals (now I've the rack, so this is story from the past). Looks cool, but it's gonna be a boat anchor with a humongous footprint. I ended up splitting in two separate sections because there were to much weight, to much torsion on the board and to much movement between velcro and pedals, etc... Was an overdone thing for me. If you plan to add many pedals to this board, I would suggest to keep the helix floor out of it. Helix floor is already a pedalboard, and you could find useful to have the option to use the two parts alone, in situations where you don't need the entire arsenal. My probably useless 2C. :)

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I did similar to PierM… Had a large board with pedals and some additional pedals in my 19” rack (midi controled). At that time, I had a POD HD Pro in the rack too that were my “master”. Bought my Helix LT and most of my pedals was replaced by the LT except for my Boss BD3 (Monte Allums mod), Boss NS2, homebuilt compressor (home built, mainly for acoustic), EP-boost clone (home built, so good), Shure GLXD16, Variax Power Supply for my 500 and an isolation transformer to prohibit ground loops. Those pedals are sitting on small Pedaltrain board with room to add an expression pedal later.


This gives med three small simple modules to bring when needed at that moment - LT, pedal board and my L6 PC+. The large board I sold and if I need space for more pedals I get another small board and rearrange depending on needs. I don't see that happening as the possibilities in the LT i keeps on coming. And, how much do you need to play Blues... :-) 


My 19” rack just host a small rack mixer, my studio amp, my soundcard and a Furman conditioner - All this stays at home.  


Added a pic to visualize it…  





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