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Feedback emulation


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Hi all, is it possible on the Helix to create a path which emulates feedback, like the Digitech Freqout? In my home studio I can't play to loud because of my neighbours, so it's difficult for me to create a "good" feedback.





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You can get primitive feedback effects, even at low levels, by touching the guitar's headstock to your amp's cab. Mostly it works best on lower frequencies, and it can be awkward to hold the guitar in such a way to make this happen, but it works. On gigs where my guitar was going direct into the PA so there wasn't an actual amp for doing feedback, touching the PA speakers with the headstock worked great.


A more evolved option is a studio-only plug-in, but Blue Cat Audio's AcouFiend is very cool. Here's a link to a short solo that uses it - the base guitar sound is (of course!) the Helix, AcouFiend is adding the feedback layer. It really does sound like feedback, but more importantly, it "feels" somewhat similar to the way real feedback develops when playing live.


There's a review of it here, but you can also check out a free trial version. Hope this helps.



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I got a lot of flack for this several months ago, but my approach that works for me is to have an additional distortion block in my chain, and engage it in a snapshot.  When there is a lot of distortion, you get feedback at low volumes.


I use that trick at home, during a rehearsal, or on stage and it always works and sounds consistent.  You would think that on stage with that much distortion it would sound like garbage, but actually it works out great.  For your Hendrix freakout moments, or at the end of a solo, etc.  The trick is to match the snapshot with extra distortion to your regular sound, so that it has the same tonal qualities.  The audience should not hear any difference, or be able to tell that you switch to your special "feedback" snapshot. 


Here's a little video, if you want to see. 





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