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Using My X3 Bean Live With A Poweramp?!

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Hey guys, 


Love this forum, so helpful compared to some out there. 


I am looking to sell my ENGL (dont need 150w) and use my POD X3 a bit more - i have some great patches downloaded from Reece Fullwood (Mask of Judas) and Drewsif Stalin - I recommend you check out these guys if you havent heard of them - i nearly quit when i heard Reece!


Anyway - i have a 2x12 laney ironheart cab and an X3 bean - I was wondering.....


I see the X3 bean has a FBV input on it - does this mean I could purchase the FBV pedal and a power amp and i would be able to run my POD sounds live with the ability to switch around with the FBV?


I am desperate to get rid of my ENGL and 4X12 (moved outta my folks house into a top story apartment and my band practices miles away where we have to carry the gear down a long path.... 


I cant stands no more!!!!!


Help me friends!!!!



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Its easy to start,


Guitar -> pod(w/FBV) -> power amp/cab(s).


But you have sooooo many possibilities with the stereo outs, tone one & two, delays, etc. I've never been a giant fan of manuals but after you do the simple setup and get rolling, read that puppy :-)


Rock On!


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I have both the X3 Pod and X3 Live and use them for both bass and guitar. I use a FBY shortboard with the Pod and the only gripe I have is that I can't switch Tone 1, Tone 2 or Both with the pedal. For bass I run into a Peavey IPR 3000 and a pair of MarkBass cabs. For guitar I plug into a Marshall 20/20 power amp into a pair of 1x12 Lopoline cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30's. The Marshall warms up the guitar sounds nicely. One of the reasons I got the bean Pod was because tweaking the X3Live on the floor was a PITA for me as I'm older and busted up from a motorcycle accident. With the Pod velcroed on top of my power amp rack case I can can make adjusts on the fly a little easier.

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you can switch tones... not independently..... but just build and save the tones how you want them recalled, it's pretty simple. unless i'm misunderstanding the question.

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