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What capsules?
by kuruhyoo on 2010-12-14 15:10:02.1170

What other mic capsules can be used on the microphone chassis of the XD-V70 system?  Is there a list somewhere of what will work?

Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2010-12-14 17:14:43.8520

Shure 58, beta 58 and beta 87 and Heil PR22 and PR35 are all confirmed.  Other manufacturers are developing heads that will work but are not yet confirmed.

Re: What capsules?
by apinski on 2010-12-20 12:43:02.7820

According to your FAQ:

Q: What mic capsules can be used with the XD-V handheld transmitters?

Wireless mic capsules from Shure, including SM-58, beta 58 and beta 87 wireless, Heil RC-22 and RC35, Audix OM-3 and OM-5 (require and adaptor ring) can directly screw onto XD-V handheld transmitters.  Before replacing a capsule the power should be shut off.  Simply screw on the desired capsule then turn on the power and you are ready to start singing.  Mic modeling is shut off (and not available) when using 3rd party capsules.

Not true - I tried to screw Shure beta 87 capsule on - nothing happens, no sound.

It is a very visible that contacts in transmitter are not reaching the capsule contact plate. I was judging by the fact that Shure capsule has much deeper screw-on (about 2 mm more). Did anybody tried to screw on a and use any Shure capsule?

My guess is - no.

Special adapter ring is required.

Now - the question is - where to get that adpter - or maybe Line 6 can help???


Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2010-12-21 09:26:17.4550


So I'm assuming that the V70 works with the factory capsule?  I'm also assuming that the Shure capsule is working correctly on a Shure system?

I have the Shure and Heil capsules in my office and they work fine on any number of V70 transmitters I have.  The adapter from Rat Sound has changed and no longer fits the V70 so we have removed the Audix capsules from the list for now.  I also got a chance to try the new Telefunken M80 capsule at AES last month and it seems to work fine as well (but more testing will be required before it goes on the approved list).

I'm not sure how you can visually "see" whether the pins fit or not because they have a close tolerance and only actually engage when the capsule is fully screwed in.

I'm guess ing that your problem is either because the Shure capsule is not screwing in all the way (thread issue) or the pogo pins have become bent in the transmitter body.  Do they seem springy on all three? 

When you try the mic with the stock head is the mic modeling feature working correctly?

Re: What capsules?
by apinski on 2010-12-22 09:40:00.7190

Hi dboomer,

Yes - you're correct: V70 works with the factory capsule and shure capsule works fine too. Actually I tried another beta 87 capsule from a brand new ULX system and the result is the same.

As a visula proof I'm attaching a pictures of each capsule back end as well as actually L6 capsule mounted on shure transmitter.

As you can see - L6 capsule still have about 2 mm extra space available to screw on a transmitter body - which tells me that this capsule goes 2 mm deeper into L6 transmitter.

Also - as you can see the contacting plate on L6 is much closer to the edge of the capsule while shure plate is a little 'flush' into the capsule body.

I'm attaching transmitter contacts picture just to proof that all pins are intact.

I really can not see how Shure capsule can contact transmitter pins - no way...

Unless I got a very first mic set and Line 6 changed desing after first production batch...

If this is this case - how can I get a new transmitter replacement that will work with Shure capsules?


Re: What capsules?
by apinski on 2010-12-22 09:41:31.1270

few more pics...

Sorry - hit the Post Message button prematurelly

Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2010-12-22 10:21:55.8710

Does the Shure capsule screw all the way into the L6 body?  Can you send a picture of that?

Don't compare the PCBs from the top of the coller but instead the height from the top of the shoulder.  Just looking at the PCBs on the capsules does not take into account the pin travel on ther pogo pins.  I just checked my shure and Heil capsules and they all work fine.

My guess is that your Shure capsule is not screwing all the way flush.

For what it's worth, the Line 6 capsules do not work when screwed into the Shure transmitters ... but they do work the other way around.

Re: What capsules?
by apinski on 2010-12-29 13:50:10.9010

Hi dboomer,

Here is an update - sorry it took me a while...

I got Shure beta 87 capsule to work on Line 6 transmitter :-)

I was originally trying to use capsule from a 7 years old mic - that didn't work.

But when I used a capsule from a brand new Shure - it works fine.

BTW - the old capsule works fine on new Shure transmitter - I tested that.

My guess is that Shure changed something in a latest model...

I noticed that the signal level from the Shure capsule is almost half of the original L6.

Is that normal?

Now another question - if you compare Heil RC35 and original L6 in terms of signal level - will I get the same result as with the Shure (about 50% lower)

I'm thinking about getting a Heil capsule - that would be my dream wireless system.

So far - I'm very happy with Line 6 mic - no noise, no interference, excellent range. It is really feels like you're using wired mic.

Just for my voice L6 capsule is a little harsh in around 2.8 - 3k range.

I'm using EQ to flatten it out - no problem, but I want to use EQ for my voice not for the mic :-)

RC35 is a perfect match for me - my only concern is the signal level. I don't want to use mixer gain to level it.

My transmitter signal level is on 'high'

Thanks for your help,


Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2010-12-29 16:55:50.5240

Hey Alex

I did some quick subjective listening tests comparing the output of the RC35 to the L6 model with the factory head.  I would say they are about the same in level though very different tonally. If you think the L6 model has too much in the 3k range then you will probably love the Heil unit.  It is very dark compared to the L6 model.

Re: What capsules?
by X-Tech on 2011-01-31 09:28:34.5970

Any idea if the Beyerdynamic RM510 Ribbon Capsule will work?

Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2011-02-01 09:01:01.6750

The current one will not ... but they tell me they are working on one that will.  No idea of timeline however.

Re: What capsules?
by segi25 on 2011-02-07 04:59:08.9300


Are ther any signs that capsules from AKG D5 or D7 mics could work with XD-V70?


Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2011-02-07 11:28:55.4320

I am not aware of any AKG units that will screw on.

Re: What capsules?
by segi25 on 2011-02-07 13:06:45.2300


That is a real shame...for me of course. After a long search I found AKG D5 & D7 to be the most suitable for my voice. They do have those capsules for their own wireless units, but their price is 1000 + in euros.

Is it possible that Line 6 would come up with some kind of adapter for it?


Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2011-02-07 22:28:20.2190

Probably not in the plans.

Re: What capsules?
by VincentMaratty on 2011-02-13 08:20:04.1970


I have a xd v30. Will putting a Beat 58 kapsel on it sound more like a wired beta 58 than if I bought a V70? I suppose I am really only interested in getting the sound of my shure beta 58 wired mic using wireless. Does the beta 58 'model' sound the same as an actual shure head on a v30? Appreciate your comments because I am still within the 7 day returns and could exchange

Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2011-02-13 10:59:53.5980

The model of the b58 on the V70 will sound the same as an actual Shure mic capsule mounted on either the V70 or the V30 transmitters.  The difference is that the Shure capsule is a super-cardioid pattern and the V70/30 has a cardioid pattern.  What pattern is better for you depends on whether your monitor is directly in front of you (better cardioid) or off to the side (better s-cardioid).  The "tone" of a cardioid is usually better than that of a super-cardioid because it doesn't change so much if you turn the mic a bit while performing..

Re: What capsules?
by VincentMaratty on 2011-02-13 11:11:06.8330

thanks for reply. So, Taking into account that I have used a wired beta or SM58 all my career, I will be satisfied with the V70. Waste of time and money buying the beta kapsel to go with the v70. By the way I'v never been able to use the Shure wireless systems. Don't sound anything like the wired mics which is why I am going for the Line 6

Re: What capsules?
by PatGan on 2011-02-15 05:58:53.3790

Hallo people in here!

That`s my first posting and it goes along with a question to dboomer.

Some weeks ago I bought a v30. In the beginning I was pretty happy with it.

Until I have used Shure- heads. The Beta58 und the SM86.

Both had much less output than the SM58 - modeling head.

Well, not a serious problem.

But both of the Shure- heads lost - singen rather quitely - extremely

on volume level.

Singing in a "normal" level, everything was fine. But as I reduced the level while

singing a word it always happend as I`ve told you.

I changed the system to a nother v30. The same thing.

Now I´ve tried a v70 und I guess I`ve found the reason for that problem:

- The inviroment filter!

Having the inviroment filter working - in "normal or "talk" - it it works like I have discibed it.

It sound like  it had "too much" low cut, high cut or noise gate! Bud only when the Shure capsules are in use.

With the original Line6 capsule everyrhing is all right.

Coming back to the v30.

That has an inviroment filter which is always working, so the shure capsules doen`t work completely. A pittty!

Did anybodyn notice that situation?

I gues Line6 should announce, that the inviroment filter has to be swiched off, that capsules from other manufactures should work propperly...

Thank you


PD. Sorry for my English!

Re: What capsules?
by apinski on 2011-02-15 07:12:24.4020

Hi Patrick,

I have noticed the same issue with my new Hail RC35 capsule.

To get the full spectrum sound from the alien capsule - the environment filter should be off.

BTW: RC35 on v70 transmitter is my dream come thru :-)


Re: What capsules?
by PatGan on 2011-02-15 08:07:33.1860

Hi Alex!

Thank you very much for your interresting answer!

Well I think it`s really a pitty with that concept.

We`ll see what Line6 will do about that issue

because as "easy" we can handle it with the v70

while switching the invoriment filter off, the v30

will still have the problem and Line6 says everywhere

that the capsules from the "aliens" do work perfectly....



Re: What capsules?
by VincentMaratty on 2011-02-15 10:29:49.0160

If the V70 can model the SM58 and Beta 58 etc the why would anyone need a shure head?

Re: What capsules?
by DanCornett on 2011-02-15 14:13:17.8970

VincentMaratty wrote:

If the V70 can model the SM58 and Beta 58 etc the why would anyone need a shure head?

Because the "modeling" of the other mics is basically adjusting the EQ curves to match the selected mic.  That's a big part of the "sound" of a mic ... but not the only factor.

The other major factor in the "sound of a mic" is the actual physical response of the diaphram which converts the acoustic sound into an electrical signal.

When using the standard Line 6 capsule, changing the "mic model" doesn't change the physical response of the Line 6 diaphram; only the EQ -- it's still a "Line 6" cardiod pickup pattern ... but now with the (for example) Beta 58 EQ response.

However, when you change out the "head" of the mic, then you get the physical response of the diaphram ... and now it is REALLY close to sounding like that other manufacturer's original mic.

Re: What capsules?
by VincentMaratty on 2011-02-16 03:18:01.7160

Thanks for the reply Dan. I am a real fan of the SM58/Beta58 but I will see what the V70 is like,


Re: What capsules?
by X-Tech on 2011-03-02 21:43:25.2810


Whats the deal DBoomer hold'n out on saying anything on Blue's Encore 300 capsule? When is it availble?

Re: What capsules?
by dboomer on 2011-03-03 15:24:04.3290

You'd have to check with Blue.

There are a number of other capsules being developed which may or may not ever see the light of day.

Re: What capsules?
by bigdog36 on 2011-03-11 10:06:32.3320

Hello I'm with Rat Sound Systems. I just wanted to clarify that our original SoundTools Audix to Shure adaptor was tested with the V70 demo unit (that you still have at Rat Sound) and worked without issue.

We did make a newer revision with looser threading tolerances so it wasn't as tight to screw the adpator on to the Audix capsule.

If you'd care to send us a production version of the V70, we will be happy to test our original and latest adaptor revision and see what any issue may be.

Cosmo has our contact info if you would like to follow up on this. Thank you.

Re: What capsules?
by bazesax on 2012-05-10 10:27:01.3240

hi, I need info about the enviromental or some other filter in the xd-v30 system that kills the power of every other capsule except its own's. I really can not understand what is going on. I want to know where is that filter and can it be removed. I would do it  if possible. Is this electronic or software?

I have tried many third party heads (sm58, beta58, beta87A and heil rc35) and all of them lack gain on the v30 system. the gain is normal only with the original line6 capsule (which is not bad).  line 6 says their wireless systems are compatible with shure and other capsules. any advice?

Re: What capsules?
by RonMarton on 2012-05-10 14:57:06.6370

It's confusing because there are two separate issues being discussed here:

  1. Line 6's XD-V70 & V75 Environment "filter", which does not apply to (your) V30's and
  2. Other manufacturers' screw-on capsules being subjectively "quieter" than the Line 6 originals they replace.

As the fully digital signal path of XD-V systems is so much less noisy than any analog one (for which the other makers' capsules were originally intended), there's virtually no harm in adding gain at a mic input to compensate.

Which is why I applaud Line 6's policy of "playing safe", by ensuring that their handhelds have plenty of headroom, being their ability to handle "excessive" loudness from other makers' capsules, ...without distortion.

That's because the tiny amount of "hiss" or noise that may be added when boosting input gains is infinitely less objectionable than clipping distortion, which can even damage or destroy "downstream" audio equipment, ...such as tweeters.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.