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What floorboard recommends to POD HD KB 37?
by rafaeldk on 2012-03-08 17:10:50.7200

I'm about to buy the Line 6 Toneport POD HD KB37 and I'll need a floorboard to use at Live gigs with the effects of my POD on PC...
So i've been searching for pedals and I've found the FBV line and I've some question about it:

1 - the FBV Express MK II only support 4 differents FX's? if I'm live and needin more FX i've to map the controls again? can I put effect of non Line 6 products (loop, Gearbox, GTR, etc)?
2 - the FBV Shortboard MK II support a lot more, but it's more expensive too and I can't afford it (because the KB37). So, there's another options with more bank space for effects of POD Farm?
3 - What about the Flextone II? Is it work with POD Farm and KB37? It's a old floorboard and I only find used, but it's cheap and with 9 bank space with 4 channels each.

I'm seeing around a lot of people talking about the incopability of some line 6 produts (only works with another Line6), so I'm trying tom be sure that everything will be working fine.

that's the first doubts about the floorboard, but I've another questions:

1 - I wanna play live with a PC + KB37 + Floorboard... so let me see if I've got it:

I connect the PC to the KB37 and the Keyboard to the Compatible Floorboard. I connect the Guitar to the KB p10 IN and the KB sends the sound to the floorboard, who take my preset saved on computer, process the effect and send back to the KB, who is connected with the AMP.
is that how it works? I'll only need this?

that's it, by now!

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