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On a recording can I split it into different songtracks in a future update?
by Vettaville-nl on 2012-09-18 11:38:00.8590


We did a thetreshow and I recorded the whole show in two recordings, only devided by the pauze section, since I can't have pointers into the recording and I can't spilt them up currently without losing the abillity to re-create the mix at that time or in real time. Will I be able to do this after a future update? So both dividing into seperate songs from one recording, even save it with the proper scene the recording belongs to and rename the divided song into a diffrent recording with a different name but with the save scene that goes with it.

The reason behind it is that when we do the same show, I can make better scene adjustments per song and save them before hand.

thanks in advance

- Hans

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