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2nd fried DL-4 this year. Repair?
by goddamnbuzzard on 2013-02-07 11:42:50.8440


I have now owned two DL4s this year and I love 'em but cannot keep replacing them when they fry-out this frequenly. I acquired both in new/as-new condition without registration (they may have been registered prior?)b and was running them both on clean and proper, power specs. Is there a place online or in the Seattle area that can fix these things? Droping 200-250 on another one is totally out of the budget and I know many have had similar problems with the DL4. Line6 and community, please help!


Re: 2nd fried DL-4 this year. Repair?
by TheRealZap on 2013-02-07 12:11:16.3780

looks like a couple of service centers in Seattle as well as a few others in Washington:">">

A Condor Electronics
125 N. 36th St.
Seattle Washington, 98103

B EFEX Electronics
222 S.W. 153rd St.
Seattle Washington, 98166

C All Star Guitar
3226 Harborview Dr. #8
Gig Harbor Washington, 98332

D Sound West Audio
2323 Tacoma Ave South
Tacoma Washington, 98402

E Garytronix (GTX)
27115 102nd Ave. NW
Stanwood Washington, 98292

F MS Audio
204 W. Holly St.
Bellingham Washington, 98225

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