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  1. Yep I agree with this reasoning..... Tell him you have mic out or Line out, his choice. If he is a good sound guy he knows the difference. Like I said in some other post, I usually always give them mic output, because in most sound man's mind they have a mic input setup for a Electric Guitar channel. And if he is worried about you changing volume level.... Welcome to running sound for a guitarist. As a sound man I always have my fingers ready for the guitarist volume changes.
  2. I just by habit as a tech, I uninstall old editor/software after backup and before installing new editor/software... May not need too, but I have learned through the years, it is always the safe thing to do.
  3. On this forum the 4th line down Latest Helix Editor (2.11) There is a link in the Follow instructions. Maybe read them will help. Hint when you're logged in you will see a search.... Choose Helix and MAC Click GO If you you see Big RED letters you may have found it
  4. Thanks for sharing that fremen!!! Some fun songs and you ended with one of my fav's! Merry Christmas!!
  5. Yep this is a good way jman! Also you might want to set your Global XLR out to mic. Or be prepared too. When I have had it at Line and tell some soundmen I'm sending it to you in Line level and they give you that dazed look and nod like they know what you just said.., then tell you your signal is too hot. A lot of boards are set to mic input as last thing they had in that channel was a mic and some boards only have line level input through a TRS. and instead of dealing with explaining line level vs mic, I just change it to mic.
  6. I finally got to use a couple of Glenn's Boutique amps, with one of my Bands tonight. This bands genre is Americana/Southern rock, leaning more rock. All original. Although we decided tonight to cover Eastbound and Down, so i need to figure out what amp to use for that.. I may need to learn banjo.. haha The Fender Bassman BF worked great with our rockin tunes. Before the Helix, I have been using a Fender Deluxe reverb with a TS9 tube screamer, with Analog Man classic 808 mod, and a suhr Riot. I have always wanted a Bassman, well now I have one! Glenn's Bassman BF really stood out as my new tone for a lot of our songs! I think all I did was cut some high EQ around 6k to sound great with Line L2t. The other was the Suhr PT100SE The clean and I think it was the drive (snapshot 2) worked out great for the Americana cleaner sounding songs that we do, this patch was the 1st time I even tried it out, So I look forward to tweaking the leads a little mellower. I never used or really heard this amp before, so this will be fun! Thanks Glenn for all your work!!!
  7. malhavok you said it! Bottom line for church: if people are worshipping it doesn't matter if your solo can be heard or not. Still, take all the good advice others have offered in this thread in your quest to approach your craft with excellence. Every building is different, everybody's ear is different, and everyone's taste's are different. I was a technical director at a church for 6 years. I have been play guitar and running sound for 30 years. I have used IEM, stage monitors and amps, and amps hidden off stage, etc... hence my love for the Helix, I have a love hate for IEM's. Hoping the Helix will cure that, because I miss having my amp on stage with me for some gigs. I have only used the Helix once with IEM's and I liked it. The other times with my amp, and can't wait to try out my new L2t. I have played in many church's here in Southern Cali and ran sound in many, have installed and taught how to run their systems. Have pushed on "Your room needs to be treated!" Many churches have sound people that are volunteers, and many never trained properly. Every church I visit I can't help myself, I stand or sit or walk by the sound booth and watch how they mix, so many times I want to say, "That's a vox lead, bring her up!" "That's a guitar lead bring him up!" or my most common one, why can't I hear all the instruments?" because when I mix you will hear everyone! I want everyone on that stage to shine. Sometimes it is talking to the musicians and have them learn to compliment each other. I.E Dynamics. And if it is a church I have taught or know the engineer, I will comment, and then all of a sudden there it is, so sometimes it is just the engineer just needs to be let known as they are paying attention to something else. Of coarse there are some that give excuses, and many times it is the room... So many run Bass way to loud, wide, I will suggest tightening it up, EQ and lowering the volume. So many churches I visit, I don't hear rhythm or lead guitarist in the mix. I have been told more times than I can count in the last 19 years of playing worship, that my guitar wasn't heard. It has been a struggle, but I also have learned to watch the congregation and are they being moved, then it was good even if they didn't hear me. Now last night at a church I hadn't visited yet, they had the greatest mix! I heard all instruments, very pro setup, great auditorium built for music and speaking, great musicians great sound engineer! I love when I don't have my ear's playing critic and just enjoy and engage! So for you watch4king: I have designed my patches to have EQ mid boost and volume boost, anywhere from a 3db to 5db boost. And having someone I trust in the congregation to give me the nod or thumbs up if they hear me. As I have learned when I'm on stage with IEM's I can't hear the true level changes in the FOH. Actually I have tried to have this for the past 25 years. Also work with the sound engineer, let them know they are in the band! They need to know their instrument too, and they need to know the songs and arrangement of the songs too. When I was the TD I used to stand next the engineer and point out solo coming up... or that vox that has been background vox in all the songs is now lead vox in this song. They should know this or taught to know it. And they need to learn to EQ and know when to use it instead of volume at times. Also if you haven't already, purchase Glenn's or Freeman's patches and look at how they have used the EQ boost and volume boost or snapshots to change EQ or volume. I purchased both of their work to learn from and see what they have done, just little tweaks to your desire and perfect! I love reading all your posts Helix lovers! Great advise! Rock on!
  8. satch, They are great for a starting point, he even states that! I have been using them as templates. I have 8 different amps so far using his patches, and have just added Distortion/OD's and effects to my liking. I find some I may need to cut some lower ends or some high end or both, but very little, I 1st started cutting using EQ's , and now I'm finding just a little cuts on the amp is actually better. Just like you would using a real amp.. Especially when turning up to 95 -110db. Which if playing live, so important to play that loud during practice and when setting up, before you go live!!! At low volume or in my head phones (AKG 240, bass heavy) they sound great stock... I'm now using the Line 6 L2t, if your use something different, you may find it different. Yes, for some of the cleans, I have turned off the comp, or used it. Comp is a always personal preference! What I loved from the start, they are so close to what I prefer as far as how I would setup/eq my amp, and even better on some amps. But so easy to fine tune to your desire! Again thank you freeman! You cut so much of my time setting up all those amp patches! the $ was so worth it for me!
  9. Thx Colonel, I haven't had the chance to test again, I seen someone, I think use the EQ to sum to mono at end of his path. But when using L6Link, with only 1 Lt2 it auto sums? So would using the EQ sum to mono help? If it is one of the EQ's.
  10. Ok I finally got the L2t, and love it. At home low volume excellent. And at Studio with band very loud volume excellent! Here is my issue: Helix > AES/Line6 link > L2t, L2t in PA mode, yes it has more volume than using the XLR in line, but it seamed to add my dist/OD sounds to be hotter..(Clean sounds were fine) Like I feel I would need to go into all my presets and turn down the Dist/OD Gain. But that would change my XLR output sounds to have less drive from OD. It reminded me of like adding more gain before my Guitar amp. Wondering if this was an effect from such high volume through AES to L2t with the band?... (And I'm using an AES cable) And yes I have EQ'ed with the knowledge of the Fletcher Munson effect. And I do cut the highs around 5-10k depending on each preset. This seems to only be something in the OD or volume. Maybe mid EQ issue with higher volume??? My Goal is to have this setup: Use my L2t as my Stage Guitar monitor (Just like an Amp), and XLR out to FOH, and use the volume knob on Helix to change Volume to L2t only. And sometimes I use In Ear Monitor from FOH mixer. Also sometimes with small venues, my helix will not go to FOH, just our Vocals do. So I would need full volume to compete with my Overly loud rhythm guitarist on the other side of drums, lol. I'm starting to lean towards 1/4 out (Volume knob to 1/4 only) to L2t. XLR out to FOH. Anyone using it this way 1/4 cable maybe 10' to 20' length? I would like to use the Line6 Link to L2t, but I think I'm running into what I stated above, and the use of volume knob only controlling the L2t only. I might of answered myself, but I haven't tried the 1/4 to L2t. I probably should get a TRS cable too.
  11. shatters


    I too love the snapshots, I prefer the 4 snapshots on bottom and 4 stomp on top (Stomp/Snap) and then (Stomp mode 10 switches) Then have the option to go into stomp mode with one quick Mode stomp opening up a possible change for any of my 10 pedals, if I even have 10, usually not, I'm not big on effects. My snaps are Clean, gain, crunch, lead. or some labeled: Clean, Screamer, Mo Scream, Lead Sometimes in clean or gain, I might like to add Chorus, delay, EQ, Different Distortion/OD pedal, etc...are in the top 4 pedalboard option. But most my presets are setup for a particular song or songs. 4 presets covers all songs in 1 band I'm in. The other bands are more covers, so I like having all those amps to choose from, Thanks to freeman, I have been setting up my fav's to my liking. What I love about this is that whole concept I been searching for forever, 1 stomp get me were I want to be, no dancing, getting to old to dance, lol I have tried multi pedalboard loopers, this is the ultimate looper + amps!
  12. shatters

    BB King

    Funny, the video starts, and I'm looking at amps of both BB and Eric, and then about half way through to the end, all that mattered was listening to them jamming it was magic!!!! Sry I'm no help, just a fan of them two!!! But I love how this community works together trying to help each other find the tone! awesome!
  13. Fremen you are an awesome player, and you have a great EAR too!!! You need to get off that island and and get over here in the US and find someone to tour with, you would have a great following here! Actually anywhere in the WORLD! The way you adlib to those works of art, you EXPAND on them! Extreme additions yes!, But you know you're adding extreme, That means your ability is Steve Vai'ish and you know when or not to go extreme if there was a vocal involved... I hope that makes since! Thank you for your work on theses presets!!! Look forward to your future work!!! I am Happy to contribute to your success, by purchasing to your work!!!!!
  14. Great Job Freman! I loved the demo, and the extreme overindulgence ! I purchased the patches! Great work! I used my Les Paul Traditional, look forward to testing my strat, and everything I tested sounded great! I like how well you balanced the eq on all amps to work great with both (middle position) pickups on! This shows the quality of your ear/design! So many downloaded patch's don't work on that. Also you set up volume level, like you state, close to what the original Line 6 patch volume level is set, paying attention to clipping issues! so they were equal to all my original settings (so I didn't tear off my head phones upon switching to next patch, like some patches I downloaded...) ​This is a great start for so many amps, gives us all who purchase a great spot to start/Templates, and basically add your personal effects, and I would say minor tweaks on eq, if you need too.... I didn't for my head phones but I'll find out with my FRFR at studio. The IR's are better than the ones I have purchased, I'm going to use some on my patches that I have made. I only used my headphones so far, I look forward to hearing this through my FRFR at my studio! Someone asked about purchasing compared to others, or learning from your own ears and experience? I am one who always jumps in without the manual, and the Helix is awesome for that so easy to use! But I also like to learn what others are doing. Glenn Delaune and Scott at Helix channel are great! They have helped me a lot. I purchase from Glenn, and loved what he has to offer, His matching of artist's is awesome, and love Scott's teaching too, but this Freman 175 download is different as it offers so many presets ready to go! You could use these as is!!! and add to them the effects you want, and if needed for your Guitar and speaker system, tweak to your liking... Very much a quality job! I added them to my USER 2 and 3 not to mess up my originals, mind you, Also freman you might want to state in your READ ME you have preset imports (preset 1 changed my USER2 to USER1, but it is easy to rename on device back to USER2) And I think the preset 2 changed my USER 3 to USER 4. It kind of startled me at first seeing 2 USER1 after the import. Also freman what are you using for your FRFR Speaker? Thank you!
  15. I had this same question a couple months ago when I purchased this, and this is what I figured out by myself, from just jumping in and editing with the PC editor. Here is how I have been working on this, as I don't have a nice FRFR for my stage yet. So I have a Fender 65 deluxe reissue (No Effects loop) So I go into guitar input from Helix 1/4 out, and have been using the FDR for years and have my pedals set for distinct sound of our recorded songs, so my 1st goal was to match my old pedalboard presets I actually used a Screamer so it was a good test, to the Helix, I was able to match my old sound!!! Well very close! Hard to match the Suhr riot. I opted to make the Helix work without external pedals. I was very surprised to see and hear that I could use a Deluxe Preamp into my AMP!@#@@$! it worked and I have had a lot of compliments on the sound. It added something I just can't explain, it was good! I tried it preamp on and off, and when I had the volume levels correct I just liked the preamp on. Here you see the 2 outputs 1/4 out to guitar amp (In Global settings I have this set to Instrument) Notice preamp before 1/4 split and IR and Cab going out to XLR, I also have a EQ before XLR to help get it close to what I want from My studio/Live Sound system 12" speakers (What we use live when we bring our own sound system). I also have the Main Volume knob on Helix pedal in control of 1/4 out only, that way I can change volume level quickly without going back to my amp. The XLR out Global is set to Mic. FYI. The IR is on because I found a IR that I like that sounds very close to my amp sound, where the Cab was a little to dark, but I haven't removed cab yet, as I keep testing. How I test is I play my Amp turn it down and then play through House system, and I work on matching the sound, Keeping in mind that of course the AMP has it own Cabinet characteristics and if it was mic'ed the House would sound like my AMP mic'ed, I have mic'ed and recorded my amp so I personally know the sound I'm looking for. My goal also on this setup was when I do get a FRFR I don't have that much to change. The other option is using the sends, but it didn't let me have the volume control on the top of Helix (That I know of), that I can use my toe to turn it up or down (Global Volume controls 1/4 out only), and also when I changed that volume the house does not get a change, driving a sound man crazy! (I am a sound man too) A thing I have also noticed on some presets I have downloaded was that people didn't turn down the Merge Mixer on A Level, Some times that is cool sometimes not... So pay attention to that. I have also found some Pre Amps do not work good with this setup The Plexi did!!! Probably more will just haven't got there yet. The thing I did here was have the House/XLR out has a IR of a full 4x12 cab, so when Live they hear what I want them to hear, yet I know I don't have that on stage with my AMP, but I made my AMP sound great with the preamp so I was happy. And look forward to having a FRFR later. I even have used this on stage where they miked my amp and it was good! so I'm happy! Loving the Helix!
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