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  1. That's lots of replies! I never expected it to sound exactly the same but it's miles apart. I play through a tech 21 power engine which I really like, it's served me well with my 500 and is doing a good job with my helix. Might just get the wife some ear plugs!?
  2. The wife was complaining about the noises coming from the spare room so I plugged in a set of headphones to appease her. Much to my surprise the tones I was hearing did not resemble the tones coming from my speaker. The helix sounded thin, fuzzy and tiny. Has anyone else found this? Could it be my not so expensive headphones?
  3. This old thing again!!! Line6 really really need to sort it out in the next update!
  4. Get on board the pink floyd bus 🚌
  5. I don't believe you can do it as a harmony on a single string through the helix! Maybe in work bench you could fiddle about with a twelve string setting and have a lower octive as opposed to a higher octive on the 6th string? You would have to adjust the cent to 0 and the string mix so there the same volume. With all the other strings you may be able to silence the extra "fake" string. Or I could be completely wrong 🤔
  6. Your completely right! The tunning I require does need that double octive on the 6th though. I suppose it could be called a modified Nashville.
  7. It sounds good on all other strings with the addition of some phaser and a touch of delay! As datacomando suggested I can use the high E, it's just a very unnatural picking pattern.
  8. Got it working! Unfortunately the low E tuned up 2 x octaves is a bit too much for the system to get its head around! It sounds like a duck on helium
  9. I don't understand how it wasn't part of the first release! Anyhooo, i have found my dingle dangle dongle thing so should be able to hook up my JTV, if I remember how!
  10. I have a JTV 69s! It's a fantastic guitar but at the moment I feel completely ham strung by line6. Helix should of had intergration with workbench from the off. Data commando is right, I'm trying to recreate Gilmours high strung acoustic for the likes of hey you! I can always use the 1st E, it just makes the picking patterns a bit awkward. I need to see if i can locate that little grey hub thing where you need 10 cables to hook it up.
  11. That would undoubtedly be the best way to go about it but have no way of using workbench with the lack of intervention from helix. I'm praying that they sort it out on the next update!
  12. Sounds like a good work around! Will give it a try in a little while.
  13. Hi guys, can I assign a pitch shifter to one string only with my variax? I'm not talking about altering the tuning in the the input block either. Basically i want to to set up a Nashville style tuned acoustic. Iv raised all the necessary strings +12 in the input block but the low E needs to go up another octive! Can it be done?
  14. What are people's fave pedal for transparent boost or over drive. I find I always use the tube driver. The helix defenately needs a colour sound power boost as well a treble booster like a range master! I don't think line6 have ever modelled a treble booster. Oh, a talk box too please that can be controlled with the foot pedal 😀
  15. How are the two linked? Iv been messing around with the fuzz face and am getting what I believe are good tones (I know there are lots of haters) however there is not much sustain at all. Iv fiddled around with the input gate and to my ears I does just get rid of handling noise. Iv had the threshold on -70 and decay on 500ms. I know traditionally a lot of the sustain would come from sheer volume but at home levels this isn't really possible!
  16. Split your paths after the amp block! A in to a cab and B into eq and vibe. Re-join them and add your delay etc etc
  17. CBTL

    Creating artist tones

    The hiwatt does a pretty nice clean along with the twin! I haven't tried the mistress yet
  18. I use the Leslie/fender vibe a lot to create gilmour tones. I always run it into a parallel path after the amp with A going into the speaker cab and B into the rotary set for a 50/50 mix. I then merge them ready for reverb! A phaser added before the amp set low can work well too for a more modulated sound. Also a eq before the Leslie as they can sound a bit boxy (as they do in real life)
  19. So when creating artist/song tones do you try and stick to the modelled versions of the gear they you use or will you use whatever you need to use to get as close to the tone as you can? I'm a huge pink floyd fan and am trying to solely use gilmours kit or the next closest thing. Am I making life hard for myself?
  20. CBTL

    High/low cuts

    Thanks for the great advise 😀
  21. CBTL

    High/low cuts

    With so many places you can have cuts in helix do you use them on every thing you can in one patch? For example a patch with a mic pre amp - cab and global? Would you make cuts on all three and would they all be the same or as the global eq should be the last through would you just cut that? I'm confused!
  22. CBTL

    Go to mic???

    What's this thing with high and low cuts? I know it's probably a stupid question
  23. Thanks for the thoughts guys
  24. What do people prefer? I'm looking to emulate Gilmours Yamaha rotary speaker!
  25. I would assume that 1.0 = 1.0hz ie 1 revolution a second
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