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  1. It would be great if the manual went into detail about the different parameters on the FX. It would kill the time spent with a lot of the experimenting needed! The compressors are particularly confusing, to me at least 😳
  2. It's really messing with my feng shui 😋
  3. Have all the parameters come back on editor?
  4. I have created a support ticket. It would seem something is a miss with the new editor and FW2.10 intergration.
  5. Will try that but I don't think it will solve my actual problem
  6. Iv tried a few of the suggestions. Clicking on a different block and then back on the input block certainly brings back the parameters but it shows the wrong guitar model (the correct one is indeed selected on the unit) it's like the unit and edit are not talking to each other regarding the input block. I have always had it set to global as this is what i was told to have the guitars change per snapshot. I will attemp to open a support ticket.
  7. So is this a bug that needs to be reported to Line 6? Iv also noticed that my variax has defaulted to the mag pickups! It's a complete pain, I really don't have the time go through every snapshot and redo the guitars 😕
  8. Iv downloaded it, just need to work out how to use it 😳 I'm not down with this IR stuff yet
  9. Iv updated my helix and editor and done all the global resets. I always have the input block set to variax. Now when I click on the input block all the usual parameters are there but incorrect guitar is also there. Regardless of whether I select a snapshot from editir or from the unit all but the input gate disappears from editor and the input shows none? It is however correct in the unit! Can anyone help, I do all my editing from editor 😭
  10. CBTL

    Variax and impedance

    Thanks for the answers guys. It was just with everyone talking about matching your first block with the impedance of your guitar.
  11. Hey guy, why when variax is selected for the input block do you not get a choice for impedance? Is it just automatic?
  12. Should of been the first thing for L6 to implement!
  13. CBTL

    Big Muff Tone

    Ummmm, do you have a big low end cut globally? I have an eq with a low boost on occasion!
  14. I'm using my jtv69 on the tele setting!
  15. Thanks for all the answers, iv been going into a clean hi watt ala gilmour! Maybe that's where I'm going wrong with it
  16. CBTL

    Big Muff Tone

    Hey there. Muffs varied so much from model to model and you are comparing two different models! They even varied from unit to unit as they were built with what ever was lying around. I use the Muff a lot on my Gilmour patches and here is what I do. Run the tube driver or other light overdrive pedal into the Muff with the gain set to between 2 and 4 and eq to taste. You can then set the Muff to moderate gain and play with the tone control. I also set the bias and bias x to 10! On its own the Muff sounds 💩. I put up a post a while ago with a custom tone link on to Dog by Pink Floyd, check it out, it uses this technique 😀
  17. I'm trying to recreate the solo tone. Sounds easy but it's escaping me completely. This is what I know about the signal chain. Tele into compulator, Cornish G2 into a hiwatt with what sounds like a bit of delay/reverb. Iv tried the LA Comp into a Rat and Muff and have some interesting results but just can't get that open quaky tone. Why are the easy ones the hardest?
  18. I believe that is what it's called. I do it with mods a lot. Rotary one side and phaser/choirs/flange the other
  19. So I'm trying to get a Pete Cornish G2 sound. By all accounts after some reading it's a Rat clone with a bit of muff thrown in for good measure. Would it work on the Helix to run a Rat and Muff side by side with the Muff mixed slightly lower on the split? If anyone has any thoughts!
  20. Whilst creating a patch involving an external pedal I stumbled across something pretty cool, however I don't know if it's damaging to the helix. I had all the ins and outs in the wrong place and unplugged one of the leads from the fx box. When I touched the possitve tip of the lead it produced whale/seagull noises a la David Gilmour in Echos and many other Pink Floyd songs. The longer held t on the tone chanced and you can pulse on and off for some cool effects. The original sound is produced by a wha pedal being plugged in back to front and to tone pot being manipulated on a strat, I don't think you can do this with helixs on board effects and a variax. Here is a vid of how it's "supposed" to be done. If I get chance I will do one of my way 😀
  21. CBTL

    Can helix do this?

    Iv done a lot of searching this afternoon and there doesn't seem to be any other pedal that replicates the talk box sound. I have the EXH talking machine which doesn't come close. Down side is $300 😕 That's a lot of money in my opinion. The Helix defenatly needs a "vocal formant" filter, the HDs had one.
  22. CBTL

    Can helix do this?

    I need this in my life, it's by far the closest I've heard to a talkbox without the hassle of a real talkbox.
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