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  1. I don't think he used one, I'm led to believe it was inspired by him! He is know to use whatever is thrown in his hands on session work but is a big fan of the Rat through the 90s guitar shop period.
  2. Now correct me if I'm wrong! The said pedal was based on Jeff Becks lead sound (the guv'nor is a nickname of his givens to him by Brian May. Mr May even did a song with the same title and Jeff gusting). With that said I would go for the vermin as Jeff loves the Rat. But then again I could be completely wrong.
  3. Grainy! What are you globals set too vs what your playing into? I found a high cut got rid of the grainy fizz and smoothed it all out.
  4. Thank you for trying for me! It's much appreciated!
  5. Good on yeh me ol jelly bean 😉
  6. 😳 it sounds like a sick pokemon
  7. I do realise this, I was trying to humourous. Us brits hey ðŸ˜
  8. Do you have a global eq set up? How is your line out set up?
  10. I do believe there have been several ideascales for a talkbox effect. Just thought I would chance my hand with a naughty bribe 🙄
  11. Digital igloo, please can we have a vocal formant filter talkbox type thing pretty pretty please with sugar on top. Something like a Little Dipper 2.0! If you grant my wish I will ensure you get everything you want for Christmas, I have a deal with the big man 😉
  12. How do they sound with the variax modelled guitar? They sound better than the variax acoustic to my ears. P.s. I visited and got married on your lovely island last year 😀
  13. It's a big talking point on the forum. It works for some and not for others. Line 6 reps read the forum so will be aware, all you can do is hope it may get updated. I'm desperate for a formant filter but in the mean time use a EXH talking machine in the fx loop. We can't have everything, it will never meet ALL your needs, however, look at what it does offer, it's pretty amazing 😉
  14. This is ticketed and is a bug! It will be addressed on the next update!
  15. Thank you friend. Let me know how you get along!
  16. The variax cable, it's a digital cable.
  17. If I plug a cry baby or other induction wah into one of the fx inputs back to front will this work? I don't want to spend out if it won't. Can some try it for me, i promis your helix won't explode 😉
  18. Line 6 have logged this as a bug and will fix it on the next update 😀
  19. Is spread only on the stereo version ?
  20. I think it sounds great! Messing about with the mix and delay time gives some great effects for a double tracked lead part! Well discovered sir.
  21. Thanks, that's a great explanation !
  22. Sorry for such a simple question. I conect my helix to a tech 21 power engine via 1/4" (it also has XLR) should I set to line or instrument/amp? What is the actual difference? Would I be better using the XLR?
  23. So iv switched to per preset and I'm in the process of going through each and every snap shot resetting the guitars! For some reason the snapshot parameters control had dropped off too for the variax.
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