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  1. CBTL

    Go to mic???

    What is your go to mic? Do you mess with the settings or do you leave it as assigned to the cab you pic? Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing.
  2. Hey there, can you offer just the floyd patches?
  3. CBTL

    Foreigner Tone

    Nice reference points for tones
  4. Swapped some USB ports around which have sorted it! Thanks
  5. Tried, it does not work! Its like my mouse button is broken (its not)
  6. I'm hoping someone can help. I'v just purchased my Helix and all firmware is upto date as well as the latest version of Editor. When I try to had blocks to a new patch nothing happens. I'v tried double clicking the left mouse button, dragging and dropping etc etc and nothing happens. The only way I can do it is via the unit itself :( I have tried uninstalling and re-installing as well as 5+6 reset! Its super frustrating, I want to be able to do everything from my PC and not have to keep bending down to the unit to add amps/effects etc. Anyone any ideas?
  7. On some of my patches the amp is showing as disabled with all peramters at 0% on the units VDU? this is not the case though as they are all switched on in HD edit and adjusted. Any one any ideas what happeing. Cheers
  8. CBTL

    Hiwatt Fizz?

    Mine is more like a cheap tansistor OD. It's not volume based as I play low level at home and it's defenatly nothing to do with the pad switch as it's happening on the spank model which has been slammed for its low output. When I get some time I need to go through the other amps and see if it's happening to them or just the Hiwatt. My set up is JTV 69 into hd500 via VDA, HD set to combo power amp, left line out into power engine 60.
  9. CBTL

    Hiwatt Fizz?

    Ohhh, my bad! I will do one tomorrow!!!
  10. CBTL

    Hiwatt Fizz?

    What's a clip??? It's not the guitar or master volume. It's when you crank the drive past 40%. I have only noticed it since monitoring through headphones and now i hear it without. It's really unpleasant like cheep transistor amp gain.
  11. CBTL

    Hiwatt Fizz?

    Hey, iv just recently bought a JTV and since tweeking my pink floyd patches noticed how fizzy the Hiwatt is with the drive anything past 40%. Has anyone else noticed this?
  12. I'm not sure if this has been discussed but what are the chances of line6 releasing model packs? There are guitars on my 69 I will probably never use but ones I want. I would love to see a set of EMG SA pickups modelled as well as a Brian may guitar with burns trisonics, that would be amazing. Or how abouts a fender midboost kit a la Eric Clapton. It could be assigned to the tone control, that really would be amazing.
  13. Hey there, I had the same concerns as you to the point that I very nearly ordered a neck along with my 69! I like quite chunky necks with round vintage boards so I thought I wouldn't get on with the 69 but I was wrong. The neck feels nice and full in my hands and the board actually rounder than the stated 12". The only real issues were that nut was really badly cut, £20 cured that and the high E is prone to slipping of the frets due to them being over beveled but an adaptation in playing style has sorted that!
  14. It goes haywire with both the vdi and 1/4. It messes WB right up!
  15. So here it is, when I conect to workbench 2 through the hub to mod some guitars there is obviously no sound and have to swap back and fourth between my hd500. It's so frustrating, there must be a way of monitoring so I can tweak on the go?
  16. Same as on the hd500, it just can't happen. There missing a major trick here. They have made it far to fancy. All the effect needs is to be able to select start and end vowels and the way in which you control it. Who on goods earth would control a talk box exactly at tempo???? Come on line6
  17. Iv had the amp up loud, to the annoyance of my poor neighbour and I can still hear it. If your jamming along to backing tracks it's really hard to get rid of it making it usless for the home guitarist.
  18. Hi guys, iv been experimenting with the alternate tunnings. My problem is this, I can here the original string pitch from the guitar and it sounds awful. Is there a way around this or simply how loud do you have to get your amp before it bleeds it out? Iv been playing quite loud!
  19. Has anyone tried this on the 69 at the bridge? The strings are recessed quite far inside the saddles and I can see how you could put a piece of Velcro across them? The only thing I can think of is individual heat shrink on each string?! Any thoughts
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