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  1. It certainly does. I leave the power engine at around 8 o'clock and the helix at around 10 o'clock. That gives me a nice house friendly volume. The slightest turn of the helix volume say even to 12 o'clock rockets it through the roof. It messes with my head when I'm setting volume to play along to backing tracks. If the helix master isn't exactly the same every time there all out!
  2. Hamm, I only play at home straight into a tech 21 power engine! I would blow the windows out!
  3. It would seem the guy who did this is well impressed. He's been on numerous forums a few years ago talking about it! It's got to be worth a go for around £35
  5. This may be a good option for me! Just need to try and get the tweeter in the uk? What do you guys think?
  6. Don't know how lol I'm a bit useless at this sort of stuff 😕
  7. That's more in my price range! Can they be lay on there side like monitor?
  8. Unfortunately both way out of my pricing. It probably won't be till the summer any how. I'm off to St Lucia in June and all my hard earned cash is going on that. Maybe i could sell a kidney? Any takers? I'm generally fit and healthy and don't really drink. Bids starting at £1on a 7 day auction!
  9. Do it, you won't regret it. I love mine for the variax integration. Pretty much any rig is available at the press of a switch!
  10. That makes complete sense. I do play at a reasonable volume! I will take a db level! Iv just been reading about Alto TS212 which seem like good value! I could lay it like a monitor.
  11. Done, go vote 🙂
  12. At the moment I play through a Tec21 power engine which I think is pretty transparent but I don't think is full range. Iv been trying to look at FRFR options but have no idea what to look for. These days I'm a home guitarist and don't have huge amounts to spend. Can anyone give me a guide with say low through medium to high priced cabs and there benifits and down falls. Thanks guys
  13. Is there anywhere on the helix you can see the output volume as a number. The volume knob is very sensitive indeed and only requires the slightest touch to knock it out. A digital version say 0.1 - 10 would be great!
  14. I'm with spikey! I would be intrested to hear the same thing but using a variax in acoustic mode on its own and then into an IR ! Iv decided to ditch the IR cabs and go down the duel cab route as Hamm suggested. It's much easier to mess about with mics/er/distance. I'm going to setup a clean amp with as flat an eq as I can and go through each mic and write down its characteristics. I wouldn't know the tonal difference from one to the other, real or modelled and need a reference sheet to help in my choices i.e. Warm, toppy, bassy etc.
  15. Iv just tried one I got with a Greg Delunne set. I tried it with all variax acoustics 1-5. First thing I had to do was boost it right up to the highest +db. It really didn't do anything. My signal path was variax vdu - tube pre amp - IR - eq - reverb. Iv found that in general I really have to boost the highs on patches with my variax acoustic models to stop them sounding dull and muddy. It could be my cab ??
  16. I understand now! I was under the impression that the IR modelled the guitar i.e. to make an electric sound acoustic! I might try one with a variax acoustic to see if it breaths some life into them, I find them quite lacking. That could be my amp though!
  17. So I'm confused, why would you use a acoustic IR whilst using a acoustic guitar?
  18. My issue is I'm really really anal! I research the sound of the player I'm trying to recreate and try and use the exact emulation on Helix, right down to the mic etc. It probably takes me 10x longer to create a tone! Think I may be a touch autistic, I should just use my bloody ears!
  19. Thanks guys, there is so much choice! Both in who to buy from and then with some library's having 500 + IRs per cab! It's melting my brain a bit 😕
  20. So after reading lots on the forum about IRs I have decided to give them a try. I have bought the Hiwatt set from 3sigma to try on my Gilmour patches. For £5.50 it seems like a good deal. The first thing I have noticed is they sound radically different from the stock cabs. To my ears they are brighter sounding and what I would describe as airy if that makes sense. I do have a few questions if someone could oblige. 1. What level should the helix IR be set at? Do you just leave it at -18.0? 2. The 3sigma IRs come with 5 mic placements 1 - 5. 1 being at the centre of the cone and 5 the very outer edge with the other 3 incriminants between. Would "should" the tonal difference be? Bare in mind I'm only a home guitarist playing at home volume but as it stands the jury is out for me with IRs. It took me ages to re-eq a patch and I'm not entirely sure if it sounds better!?
  21. Iv just been watching a video on YouTube where Richie Castellano did a Brian May tone on a HD500x. It's pretty cool. He used the L6 distortion, which is closest on the Helix? I'm going to have a crack at getting close to it. It would be easier if variax work bench was intergrated with Helix 😉
  22. Sounds very good indeed! Will download from custom tone to see if I can intergrate it into my all on one snapshot patches 😀
  23. Every day is a learning day 😉
  24. Yes they do! Make sure the input is set to variax, per preset and then set a controller to change variax model per snapshot. It's as easy as that 😀
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