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    Parkway Drive

    Best thing you can do is sit with the helix and work out yourself. Do some research for the original equipment used and go from there. You will learn so much! There are no short cuts to be had with the unit, you just have to dive in and try.
  2. Please forgive my really lollipop playing, having a bad day.
  3. CBTL

    Rotary FX?

    Exactly what I do, just like Mr Gilmour does in real life
  4. CBTL

    Rotary FX?

    I think there great. I find it good to turn the horn up a wee bit!
  5. Hi, there is a link in the description of a video that Richie castalano did. If your struggling to follow it send me your email address and I will send you the models so you can just load them in. It won't be till the weekend though 😀
  6. How about trying an acoustic IR to liven them up?
  7. Take a look guys and girls???
  8. Thanks silverhead, basically what I'm trying to do is change my tone control into variable mid boost like Claptons strats with tone up full on all pickup selections on the strat model. If I stay on one pick up it works very well indeed.
  9. Probably the single most valuable post on the site. I refer to it all the time. Bravo good man.
  10. Cheers man, this does work however, if you say go from neck to bridge it reverts to the tone setting as per the knob position!
  11. I want to assign some parameters to my tone control on the variax however when I rotate it as well as the parameters changing so does the tone! Is there a way to stop this from happening? I basically want to be able to leave the tone at 10 for all the strat positions and use the control for something completely different! Hope I make sense.
  12. I'm using helix usb 8 to record the vocals for my videos in adobe audition. Regardless of what mic I use I get a terrible high frequency noice. Putting it through the spectral anyliser shows a consistsn line at 8 + 16000 htz. Now its easy enough to notch them out but why is it happening? Anyone any ideas?
  13. Hey guys, here is my latest vid. This one covers Breathe, Time and Money. The others will be in Part 2. Let me know what you think 😀 Customtone link in the description.
  14. Really? Even with all the vairiables like mic, distance, er ?
  15. What tones are you trying to achieve? Do a bit of research and try yourself, you maybe surprised!
  16. I'm with you brother! Stock cabs for me all the way.
  17. Thanks man, you have genuinely made my day! I thought people might think they were rubbish 😕 I will be doing more and will post on here as I do them. Iv learnt so much from this forum from peeps like yourself so thank you.
  18. Firstly, sorry about the poor vocals, I'm trying to work this recording thing out! Also m, sorry for my less than perfect playing 😳 Any how, I think the tones are pretty good. I would be nice to hear what people think.
  19. There is a demo of it being used at NAMM. It alegedly does an ebow thing too!
  20. Would love one of these on Helix 😳
  21. Iv heard you can make an impulse response if you have an isolated guitar track from a recording, personally I would not know how! I'm looking for an IR for Brian Mays Deacy amp. I wouldn't imagine that line 6 would ever model the amp, its it's far too one dimensional. Can any one point me in the right direction of how too, the tracks are easy to cone by 😕
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