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  1. Very ethereal! The pad reminds me of a Edge style shimmer.
  2. I will play the game! Arbiter fuzz, whowatt with matching duel cab
  3. Let me start this post by saying I exclusively use the helix on board cabs. I love them. The flexibility they offer with mics, er, duel cabs is great. It's so easy to adjust things on the fly without having to load a different IR just to change a mic or its cone placement. Iv tried IRs and just can't get on with them. I know a lot of people have found fault with the cabs and so use IRs, each to there own. Here is my beef. Why are Line 6 endorsing a 3rd party IR? It's like there admitting there cabs are not good enough and instead of working on them, taking the easy route of someone else make IRs. People's thoughts?!?!?
  4. I use a tech 21 power engine 60. Last weekend I fitted a 1" tweeter to it. It's most certainly near full response, defenatly for guitar frequencies. Is it flat? There or there about. It has eq adjustment at the rear to fine tune it.
  5. Really happy for the workbench intergration! Not much else there that sparks my enthusiasm, very bass heavy. I'm still a very happy choppy though!
  6. There are some well documented issue with variax/Helix. Line6 may not be aware of this one. Open a support ticket and post it in the bug thread
  7. Here is a challenge. You create a list 😉
  8. They need to sort out the variax/bugs first and, oh, workbench implementation 😕
  9. Thanks for the great advise 🙂
  10. Iv been and bought a cheepish mic with xlr. Is it normal to have to boost it +40db in the global? What is the 48 phantom thing?
  11. I'm planning on recording a few YouTube videos using helix. Now I know that there is a mic input however the only mic I have is a little Sony one with a 3.5mm stereo jack. Will work with a converter through the aux input? Is there a way to have say the mic record on one track and my guitar on another. I'm all a bit clueless with this. I use adobe audition to record. Thanks 🙂
  12. This seems to be a problem that has occurred across most fw updates. As it's a major feature for me I won't be updating until it's fixed! Has it been reported to line 6?
  13. Is there an update for editor?
  14. CBTL

    U2 mysterious ways

    It was me who asked you on YouTube 🙂 I'm a man on mission. Iv not had chance to check the patch out yet.
  15. CBTL

    U2 mysterious ways

    Am I right in thinking there was a preset on Helix? If there was I can't find it. Does anyone remember?
  16. 1. Is there a link between tone and channel volume in a amp block? Some of my patches are down to 2.5! 2. If I'm running two delays in parallel I.e. Amp and cab, split to 2a+b, delay on each then rejoin to one path for a reverb and out am I only going to get 50% of the potential mix/volume from each delay? They seem really quite/low in the mix when done like this and I'm having to ramp the mix to 100%. Is there a work around as I don't want to run them in series with them repeating each other.
  17. That is the exact problem I had! Pull the model knob off and spray some contact cleaner in the hole. Give it a good fee pushes up and down and twist it about a bit. If that doesn't work take the scratch plate off and give model knob connections and circuit board a good spray and repeat the twisty pushy thing! It's worked for me. Let me know how you get along.
  18. I have had to go into helix and clear the controllers from the unit rather than on the app and then reassign. Try a reflash too.
  19. Iv done that too! Reading some internet threads there is a common issue with the shaft on the pot that doesn't engage the mags properly.
  20. It's fixed, for now! I took it apart and gave it all a good spray with contact cleaner and pumped the switch. Have you ever looked under the scratch plate? Wow
  21. Is there anyone that makes a fancy braided VDI cable. In the U.K. I can only get a standard one!
  22. I was going to post this in the variax forum but I don't think it gets much attention! Iv never used the mags on my JTV69s but bought an ebow today. No matter how I set up the Helix with the inputs all I get is a hissy muted sound, probably about 1/5th of the modelled output. This happens whether using the jack or VDI cable not just on Helix but a regular amp with the standard jack 😕 Wobbling and pushing the model selector seems to do something but the hiss is terribe. Has anyone experienced this or can anyone point me in the right direction.
  23. This was the first thing I did. It's acting really strange. It's even selecting alt tunnings. I'm might try reflashing the vairiax.
  24. I pretty much use my JTV69 exclusively with my helix. I sat down to have a play today and something isn't right. Any patches created before 2.11 are up the wall bat lollipop crazy 😕. I use snapshots to change parts through songs making use of the variax with helix changing pickups/models/volume/tuning etc. None of this is working correctly. Helix is changing to a random choice of anything between snaps. At the moment I am spending more time trying to fix stuff than I am playing, it's really taking the enjoyment out of it. Iv tried a global reset and reload of the bundle but this does nothing.
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