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  1. CBTL

    Claptons Soldano Tones

    Will have a crack at them 😀
  2. Correct, it's easy to set up an acoustic on any preset this way!
  3. CBTL

    Flute sound

    Check the solo for bagpipieness
  4. To me it sounds like a screamer to fender amp with some univibe or chorus and short delay.
  5. I'm an idiot, iv been listening to the ballad of John Henry lol I will listen to the proper song!
  6. I will take a listen later. Pitch echo is great for a mimique double effect, I use it a lot!
  7. Best thing thing you can do in this circumstance is to clear the block controllers for the input block and reset them. So, you need to reset variax model and variax tone to snaps. You can then go through all the snaps and set them to what they should be. Use the video for reference. The patch was created with 2.11. I find if I use anything that was created on any other firmware I have to follow this process. It's a pain in the arse and hopefully it will be sorted in 2.20, if it ever actually arives.
  8. Short but sweet this one.
  9. It was a tip I picked up off here, I can't remember who from. To me it adds a slight tube warmth to the sound. If you needed the DSP you could quite easily take it out. I also do a lot of stuff with an acoustic snapshot in the patch, I always use the tube pre for that!
  10. Thanks for giving folks the heads up friend 😀
  11. Thanks for your kind words. The split is indeed 50/50. The reason I do it this way is because it's a rotating CAB lol I don't want a cab into another cab, it would colour the true sound of the rotating cabinet. When creating a tone I try abd be as authentic as I can to the original and try and use the emulations of the exact gear used to record the tunes. Gilmour nearly always splits his signal from his pedals and rack. One split goes to the amps, the other to a rotating cab of some sort depending on the era in question. That way he can blend the exact amount of modulated signal with amped signal that he wants. Some times it's super subtle. The beauty of helix is that it allows me to do this exact thing and then bring it all back together for delay and reverb. Sometimes I will run the rotary path straight to output. It just depends on the sound I'm trying to copy. Hope I make sense.
  12. Getting plenty of downloads, drop a comment on guys 😀
  13. Great idea, would speed up the editing process
  14. Thanks for the feedback. I do have global high cuts. Wonder if that make difference
  15. Hey, I use the rotarys a lot in my patches. The problem is there very accurate in there modelling. By design they boost the mids and dip the highs. There are lots of different things you can try. Remember it's a cab so don't run it into one, try it parallel with a cab. Try a parametric eq straight after, that should help. Watch my comfortably numb or dark side tutorial to see how I do it.
  16. A while back I posted about how too achieve the tone of a Cornish G2. Here is my guide on how to do it. I think iv done a pretty good job if I do say so my self. Here is the reference tone.
  17. Set up a patch with your fave peddles and amp and there settings. You can then copy and paste them in to other patches till your hearts content. This is how I do it.
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