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  1. Native 1.5 has the same content as Helix 2.5! Revisions after 2.5 are bug fixes for the hardware not new content. You are missing nothing as far as I am aware.
  2. 2 crackin' amps, HX verbs (hmmm double tank sounds springy...) and a ton of extra stuff to play with (or get lost in haha)
  3. Variax requires a slightly different approach to a 'real' guitar but it can sound totally awesome with little effort with the Helix. (I have a 59P) It's a magic combo in my probably easily pooh-pooh-able opinion but I do A>B comparisons against 'real' guitars into whatever valve amp or sound I am trying to get and it never falls short. It is worth while remembering that not every strat sounds the same, not every....OK you get the point here.
  4. Has had for ages it's just people aren't using it hehe
  5. I grew to hate my HD500X - I jumped straight there from an X3 Live which I loved but outgrew - and the Helix for me is night and day in one unit compared to HD500X. I have to admit though that I don't use it in the same way that you would. That said I am 100% happy with Helix and it can only get better with every revision (or goody bundle as I like to think of them haha)
  6. Just use a telephone dialling tone and be done with it.
  7. I don't get results like this. It sounds almost like there is no cab model or IR after the amp or that there is something really wrong with gain staging. Are you applying any cuts to the cab/IR?
  8. Possible causes: 1) The buffer level is too low to manage the amount of streams you are sending to it - Increasing the buffer a little may resolve this 2) You have an issue with DPC Latency. An app such a Latency Mon will help you diagnose what app/driver/service is causing the issue. I had an issue with LAN drivers a few times! 3) Your USB port is noisy - this is very common. You may need something like the Audioquest Jitterbug (or suchlike) to attempt to mitigate the issue. This obviously is by no means a conclusive list but is 3 things I have seen in the past few years. Good luck!
  9. So the main problem with this is the reason for posting this. "I'm posting in the user forum for a product I'm not going to buy" I guess it's valid from the perspective of polling the active user base for levels of agreement maybe looking for us all to say "No it's not an issue and you will enjoy the Helix" to help him/her make the leap of purchase. It certainly is a strange behaviour. I for example wouldn't go on to the user forum for Porsche and announce I wasn't buying one because I don't like the price.
  10. Class compliant driver only allows 2in 2out does it not? (might be off on that of course) The Helix driver allows 8in 8out and midi functions.
  11. I strongly believe that Mimiq uses small delays and pitch differences with a bit of frequency sculpting to create its effect. (The settings the demonstrator is using in the OPs video is very HAAS-like; not a great sound imho but in a mix (live or recorded) it would sound fine I'm sure) I think Pitch Echo gets really close to this. I will have a play about tonight and see if I can get some presets together and maybe if I can be arsed record some of them. A quick setting (updated from my original post slightly) is as follows: Pitch at zero Cents +/- around 1.5 to give a variance 20-30ms delay 20% feedback Adjust mix and Scale to suit (I have mix at 20% and spread at 50%)
  12. Adjust to suit...
  13. I have listened thru 80ohm DT770s and I own a pair of DT880pro 250ohm. The DT770s @ 80 ohm seem like decent cans but there is a loss of frequency and a boxiness that colours the sound. The DT880s are all round ace and are way more popular than the DT990s which are considered to be overly bright and unsuitable for long sessions.
  14. I have been hearing quite a bit of noise also through my cans too since the update..crackling and hiss (I use a variax too) Didn't think too much of it but will have a go to see if it happens a lot or in what situations it is worst.
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