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  1. It may sound dumb, but I have a few well-tweaked presets on my Pod Go that do not exist on my Helix, and rather than recreate them in the Helix, I wanted to find out if there was some way to translate the Pod Go preset (what is it, .pgx or something) to Helix .hlx and then import it? I don't think Helix will directly accept the PG preset files. Appreciate the help. Thanks!
  2. I've been using the Deluxe Compressor for my sustain needs (as explained by Jason Sadites at https://youtu.be/JWF9t-vds2Q). I'm trying to duplicate the Steely Dan "Peg" Jay Graydon solo guitar tone. Graydon used a Rivera-modified DR and an Orange Squeezer compressor. I get pretty close with a Minotaur to get into the Rivera mod region, the Deluxe Comp works pretty well, ut was wondering if there was a better choice for duplicating the Orange Squeezer tonality - Red Squeeze or Red Comp? Or at least how the OS was set for sensitivity, attack, release, mix, ratio, etc so I can try it on the Deluxe Comp?
  3. Can G30 transmitter channel be set such that it may be used with a G10 receiver?
  4. What is the actual PG screen size? I can't find a size value for it anywhere. I'm mulling an XL Stomp , which has a 2.4 inch screen, but the PG screen size is about as small as I care to go. The Stomp screen looks smaller to me.
  5. Yeah... I picked up a used JTV89 and it looks like it will work for me, but it is beginning to become more of a thing now that my battery is not holding charge very well and I cannot find a L6 replacement. I will use the box as much as I can, but when there is limited space it may be an issue.
  6. So... where can we find real L6 replacement batteries? Mine is dying, it does not hold charge for long in guitar. I need a replacement pronto. I do not want to have to use the box in some situations where floor space is limited. Also, are there any internal leakage paths when battery is in guitar that will drain minute amount of current? Maybe better to store out of guitar when not being used?
  7. Thanks! Now... anyone know where to get a real Line 6 replacement battery?
  8. Don't know bud. I was thinking about putting some Hipshot lockers on my recently-acquired JTV-89 and had the same question. I'd try asking on the VGuitar and TGP forums as well. VGuitar question on JTV-89/69tuner hole size
  9. Yep that is good practice. Li-ion likes being at ~50% for long-term storage. And don't charge 'em until you need 'em. Minimizing charge/discharge cycles is also good for the battery life as well.
  10. I have obtained the switch box kit from a fellow TGP member, so as is stated I can now do the switching back and forth, it will be a bit cumbersome but I will see how it works out, fortunately I don't need to do so very often.
  11. Thanks for the input. I actually have a Helix floor, which is my fallback, but the PG footprint is great and I have tweaked it enough that I am getting some really good tones, especially using a tube power amp like Demeter Mighty Minnie or power stage of my Origin 50H. I picked up a box from a fellow on TGP so I'll see what I can figure out.
  12. I am in 2 covers bands and occasionally need to quickly switch from acoustic to electric guitar and back for songs such as Boston's "Peace Of Mind". I am considering purchasing a JTV-69 Variax with HH config to provide that capability. I realize there is no L6 link on PG, that's fine. I can deal with that. Does anyone have any experience with such usage, or any experiences (good or bad) with it that resulted from it? Thank you.
  13. I just use a fairly well-padded Swiss Gear backpack I have had for forever. Probably cost me $15 - $20 at Target when I bought it. Sorry don't have a picture...
  14. I haven't seen it anywhere. Had an AX8 fail at a hot outdoor gig before, wondering what is the Pod GO operating temp range spec? Thanks.
  15. Only ones I have found that worked well and were low noise were BoxKing BK05 and BK06 supplies, they have 9V@2A outputs. Also need the correct connector, the Line 6 stuff uses a slightly larger power connector, the specifics escape me at the moment. The BK05 is about half the watt-hours of the BK06 but should still run it for ~4 hrs based on 1.5A at 9V. I think 7 or 8 for the BK06. I have several of both types. They seem to have become difficult to find lately, though... https://reverb.com/item/16341438-boxking-bk05-12800mah-pedal-powerbank-rechargeable-portable-pedal-power-supply
  16. Gee thanks. I'm so glad I was able to amuse you. Never mind. I thought someone may actually want to be helpful. Obviously a mistake. Thanks for the passive aggressive stuff. Have a great day.
  17. I repeatedly tried to do a factory reset on my HX Stomp XL by holding down C and D switches while powering on, it doesn't work, just... boots up normally. Tried A and B, A and C, B and D, A and C, yadda yadda yadda. What is the correct way to do a factory reset that will work? I'm paranoid about bricking it by doing something wrong. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
  18. OK thanks Phil, I had thought as much but was wondering if I had overlooked something. much appreciated.
  19. Hi, how to navigate through the presets in 6-switch stomp mode? I did not see this addressed in the manual. Thanks.
  20. Thanks for the replies. I should have stated that I have an HX Effects, in addition to a Helix. Mea culpa. I usually gig with the HX FX, hence no preamp/power amp models, only pedals. I typically drive an amp with it, either tube or SS run clean and I use the HX FX to provide the dirt and effects. Right now I use two general purpose presets, one based around Dhiyana drive and one around Tone Sovereign, which sorta gets me into Marshall territory. Just wondering if another one is closer.
  21. Any suggestions as to which dirtbox pedal model(s) would provide the best JTM45 -ish/Plexi/MIAB tones? I'm talking EVH brown sound, Allmans, Zep, Deep Purple, that sort of tone, hard blues up to hard rock but not metal. Two of my faves are SL Drive and Charlie Brown. Something like those two, it should clean up fairly well with the guitar volume knob and dropping the pedal gain. Legacy Drive is sorta ok but doesn't clean up very well, even at low gain it's pretty wooly. OCD seems closest. Anyone have anything they've used before that gets close to the mark?
  22. It worked just fine with your advice. Thanks again!
  23. I think I tried that already but will try again. Thanks!
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