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  1. Just a quick update - Frank @ Line 6 is personally sending me a replacement in time for my gig - big thanks to Frank! I'm looking to get a hard case instead of the PedalTrain, just in case it is that that's causing the issue. Anyone in the UK got one? I need space for a couple of extra pedals as well.
  2. It's on a Pedaltrain board, and the case is the padded PedalTrain bag that comes with it - it's always lying flat, and nothing is stored on top of it. Would make sense that the joystick is having excess pressure (seeing as that keeps failing), but there doesn't seem to be tension on the top of the case or anything.
  3. FarleyUK

    Broken - AGAIN!

    Rant time I'm afraid... For the third unit now, my selection joystick has now broken Again. I'm not mistreating the unit, it's kept on a pedalboard in a padded case all the time, is gigged maybe 3 times a month. And yet, this is now the third Helix I have had that has developed a fault. I'm seriously not impressed - and to make things worse, I have a big festival gig coming up on Saturday that I need the Helix for, due to some of the songs we're doing. Starting to think that maybe the unit is not quite as robust as I originally had hoped. Wonder if an AxeFX is more reliable? /rant
  4. As a follow up... played 2 gigs over the weekend with both the Silver Jubilee and the 2 Altos. Friday night - couldn't get any volume at all from the DI out of the amp, ended up using the 2204 Mod amp model for the two wet speakers (the Altos). Sounded good. Saturday night - figured out that the volume for the lead channel on the amp needed to be raised and the master lowered in order to get the DI signal :) Ran it through the wet speakers into an OH IR, and sounded seriously thick and huge. Very happy with it!
  5. Cheers guys, for some reason I couldn't get it working before, but now it does; just taking the DI out into RETURN 3 and using that as path 2 input. Thanks! I've got it set to instrument level though, as when I change to line it actually lowers in volume..... which is the opposite of what I thought would happen. It's also fairly quiet, but I can overcome that with a combination of the Alto volume control and the Helix XLR out control.
  6. Hi all, I'm going to start running a full W/D/W setup that consists of two Alto TS210 speakers as the wet speakers, and then a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2525h amp with a 2x12 cab as the dry speaker. I've set it in the helix so it works well, but I obviously need to use an amp sim for the Altos. I just wondered if anyone knew of a way to get the sound from the Jubilee into the Helix so that is going out from the Altos as well? It's got a DI on the rear if that's any good. I tried it, but got nothing from it. Currently using the 2204 Mod amp for the Altos, so sounds like a wall of Marshalls - just thought I'd ask if this was possible though!
  7. Hi guys, Currently going FrFr, but really miss getting a great Silver Jubilee tone - so I'm potentially looking at picking up either a Marshall CODE or a Mini Jubilee head. What I'd be aiming to do is to get the Jubilee tone and roar, and ideally use the amp cabs etc. from the Helix. Does anyone know if there's a decent way to get the Jubilee tone from the 2525h and use the Helix cabs at the same time? Or is it just going to be basically a glorified FX unit? Same question for the CODE - I know it's a modeller itself, and it uses MIDI, but looks like it's USB based MIDI which I'm assuming the Helix cannot do. Thanks all!
  8. FarleyUK

    Crank it up!

    I followed the guide in this thread for my gig last Saturday: http://line6.com/support/topic/18372-eq-setting-experiment/ ...and ended up cutting the 5.2MHz frequency with a Q of 1.3 I think, at about -3.2. Sounded much better to my ears, and not as 'piercing'. OP - there is a patch on customTone that has some blocks used to simulate the Fletcher-Munson curve at low volumes. Well worth grabbing the patch; just copy and paste the blocks into your patch.
  9. Yeah, I've also seen this issue with the Helix's own expression pedal - glad it's not just me! Only seems to be an issue since the latest FW update. Kind of annoying, as I have it set that 99% is the wah engage point, so when it randomly dips under this, the wah comes on randomly.... seen it vary from 96% down to 82%, and then fluctuate.
  10. Version 2 - altered some of the capture params: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46739309/UYI_v2.wav
  11. Anyone else tried this yet..? To me, it sounds a lot more 'alive' than a lot of the IRs I've purchased; they seem to sound like the speaker has a blanket over it compared to this one I created.
  12. Cheers - yeah, I thought about Glenn's patches earlier, funnily enough. When I've been trying this IR I captured, I use the 2204 amp with an OD pedal in front - normally a Minotaur - with the gain at 1, tone around 5.5 and Level around 6-7. The amp has gain at 6.5, Bass at between 5 and 7, Mids at around 6-7, Treble around 4.5, Presence at 7-8, Master at 6, Sag at 6.5, hum and ripple at 0, bias around 7. I was just using it as an IR direct after the amp block.
  13. Hi guys, I've been playing around with trying to create an IR based on the recorded guitar tone Slash has on the UYI and Spaghetti Incident albums. Brand new to this, but think I've got it fairly close... I used Voxengo, Reaper and Ozone 7 to EQ match with the guitar track - feel free to give the IR a spin from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46739309/UYI.wav As I said, it's my first attempt, so please be gentle....!
  14. FarleyUK

    Tone matching!

    This is amazing - I've never done anything using a DAW or plugins, so wasn't aware this was possible :) Are there any simple, n00b friendly tutorials you would recommend? Might finally be able to get the Use Your Illusion tone I'm after.....!
  15. There is a definite mix of quality of these patches that are chargeable, that's for sure - and what makes it hard to tell is that when you hear the 'sample', it's hard to tell if it's being post-processed etc. Pretty sure that nobody else can get the exact same sound with any of the patches that they download, when compared to the sample clips. That being said - I've found Glenn's patches are top notch (although the thing that does frustrate me is the way that to change the 'normal' amp values and params are now split across at least 2 blocks - purely due to how the patch was created to simulate a 'non stock' amp. Just me being anal maybe :)). The pack I wish I never bothered with are the Choptones hard rock ones though; they're basically every amp as a preset with different gain levels.....
  16. Great news OP - I use a pair of TS210's, and while some people seem to look down their noses at this being 'super amateur' gear, to me and the audience they sound fantastic. Running it in a w/d/w setup - dry sent to centre, hard pan left is wet, and hard pan right is wet.
  17. So I've been reading around about people creating 'corrective EQs' to apply to speakers that are not necessarily flat response, in order to make them flat response. Anyone got any ideas what this would be for the popular Alto TS210? Or how you would go about doing it (bearing in mind I'm not particularly 'technical minded' when it comes to frequencies etc.!)?
  18. Played a gig last night, and there was something 'off' about the Helix. No idea how best to explain it, but the 'feel' of it just didn't seem right. Recently upgraded to 2.20, and this was the first gig since. Maybe it's my imagination.... Just really felt that the feel of the Helix wasn't dynamic, and the sustain was not right. Maybe I just need more practice, but it was fine at the previous gig..! A bit more detail - I remember thinking the overdriven sounds didn't seem as rich or powerful ad usual; I even tried three different amps in each set, and felt the same in each (Plexi, JCM800 and Line 6 modded JCM800). Going via dual xlr out to 2 alto TS210's.
  19. Hang on, who says the K10 isn't frfr? Would that help explain why, when I tested my new Alto TS210 today, it sounded a lot better to me than the K10?
  20. Selling my single QSC K10 and have purchased dual TS210 speakers (incidentally, to my ears the Helix sounds much nicer through the TS210 instead of the K10. Controversial!). I'm looking to implement a w/d/w setup with these two speakers. Is there a way to just use TWO outputs (i.e. the 2 XLRs) and have the dry signal after the IR block in center, and then one wet path going hard left, and the other wet going hard right...? I know it's possible using three outputs, but I'd want to just use 2. Thanks!
  21. I'm trying to test a Wet/Dry setup by using the left and right out from the Helix into the Input A and B of the K10. However, input B on the K10 is much, much quieter than input A. Tested this but trying both XLR and jack cables, swapping the cables on the K10 input, ensuring HElix is outputting at LINE level etc. Also tested by splitting the path for wet / dry and adjusting the pan on the output of each (no change). Anyone else with a K10 able to test this please?
  22. I tried it with the following combinations: - XLR out to XLR in on the Hub (Helix set to Line and then Mic) - 1/4" mono out to instrument in on Hub (using TS cable) - 1/4" mono out to instrument in on Hub (using TRS cable) - 1/4" mono out using TS cable, into an EbTech noise eliminator, then TRS out to the Hub (the ebTech translates TS to TRS and vice versa) Didn't try the headphone out from the Helix into the Hub to be fair.
  23. Tried the Helix into a JamHub last night.... and it sounded awful. The tones that sounded good while using my FrFr K10 sounded fizzy, buzzy and awful via the headphones from the JamHub. Tried both the 1/4" and XLR out, both sounded the same. I was also using studio monitors, which sound fine when connected direct to the Helix. Anyone else encountered this with a JamHub?
  24. Welcome to the club :) There's quite a few people in the FB groups saying the same thing has happened as well. Really seems to be a key component that's a weak link, and something that's giving a lot of people issues.
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