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  1. I never said this was a Line 6 problem, nor am I asking them to purchase anything. Otherwise, I agree with you :-).
  2. Ha! I bet D.I. now regrets saying that. It's like the next firmaware update must live up to the hype. Maybe that's partly why it's taking so long (I understand that the editor is the main reason for the delay)? I'm sure we'll find out soon though.
  3. That's the one thing I loath about the Mac OS environment. Sometimes updates requires new hardware. I bet you I could use the Helix driver on a Windows XP machine, or at least in Windows Vista (which is still an older OS than both Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard). That sucks!
  4. Why? :-( They're good ideas that would benefit people who like the new Mesa JP-2C amp, or who own a Kemper/Axe FX II and want to connect it to the Helix via S/PDIF. That way you don't go through several A/D and D/A conversions. Keeps the signal pristine!
  5. Calm down dude! I think we've already established that. But thanks for the bump :-).
  6. I guess you're right, but I had to try :-). Either way, bumping so that people who might've missed them can vote them up.
  7. Thanks to those who have voted so far! And again, let me know if you have any requests you want me to vote up. You vote for mine, I'll vote for yours :-).
  8. Voted! Please vote for mine as well :-)
  9. I'll vote yours up too :-) Thanks!
  10. Jose7822

    Helix Eb tuning

    I actually tried the detuning trick BECAUSE of Glenn's video, and it works great with chords.
  11. Not a comparison if the 3, but someone posted clips of the Helix vs the Kemper using the same IRs. Take a listen:
  12. Sounds good, but need more info and price. Please :-).
  13. I agree with you Agbiggs, except that a lot of people will not agree with it only because of the precedence (of free updates) that Fractal and Kemper have established in recent years. If they charge for new amp models, Line 6 risks the potential of not attracting new customers. So free updates could be thought of as a way to get people into buying Helix. Having said that, I personally wouldn't mind a small charge if it includes amps and effects that I want, given the lower price point of Helix. It also depends on how frequent they update and improve Helix. So far, it seems they are on the right track, given the update they just released.
  14. Please keep this up! I'm not saying that updates need to come out every week, but not so far out like with the HD500. Thanks!
  15. Right. Oh wait! He cancelled his pre-order. I guess he will never know :-P.
  16. I personally didn't see the need to communicate this, but hey. It's a free world. :-)
  17. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Go to YouTube and search for a 4CM video on the POD HD500. That will give you the basic setup, which you have a good idea of.
  18. I believe that IR loading and preset (set list) backup are the only things you'd really need the software editor for. Everything else can be done with the hardware itself. BTW, are you seriously doubting what DI said about the speed of the hardware? :-P And what was the purpose of this thread? LOL
  19. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Hmm, I was pretty close, though I forgot to include the duplication of Path B (duh!).
  20. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Blondiedk, From what I understand about Helix's routing so far, you could probably do that, but in a slightly different way from your graph. I think you won't be able to merge Path 1A into Path 2A as per your graph, but you could simply copy the FX chain after the merge in Path 1A into Path 2A. That will give you the same results, though it will cost you more DSP to achieve. I'm sure Helix has enough processing power as long as you're not using too many Amps and Cabs, which doesn't appear to be your case. Having said that, please take what I just said with a grain of salt. I don't own a Helix, but I'm sure someone who does (or from Line 6) will answer your question. Just thought I'd give your question a stab :-).
  21. Then I'm glad they decided to change its name.
  22. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    DI is on vacation, but he may still answer your questions. If not I'm sure someone else will.
  23. As long as Line 6 doesn't take 6 months to a year to release an update, I'm OK with that. Like I said, there's a lot of feature requests in the Helix Idea Scale. At this price point I do expect better support than they did with the HD500, for sure!
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