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    Helix FAQ

    Ha! Same here. I need to chill a bit :-).
  2. That's what I meant when I said that the entire history of the Mark amps is encompassed in the Mark V, so Line 6 would need to model ALL of its voicings in order to do that. For sure!
  3. I think the Mark V would be a better choice given that it encompasses the entire history of the Mark series, including the II C+.
  4. Wow, that's a first for me. I've never heard anyone say that about Charlie Parker's playing or his music.
  5. I'm sorry dude, but I do not agree with you either (especially when you're referring to those particular players). Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are two of the most influential guitarists in the world for a reason, and it wasn't just due to their chops. If people didn't like their music, they wouldn't be where they are. I can get that you don't like them. But saying that "they are too busy showing their chops" is BS. According to you, were Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie also showing off? As you may or may not know, they also played very fast and were amongst the most influential players in history, to this day!
  6. Plus, there's no point in having USB3 on a 8x8 audio interface like Helix. It's way overkill.
  7. I don't know what he's talking about either. For example, Alex Hutchings (which I and another forum member posted videos of) is an incredible player. That dude can play 600 notes per second and still be so freaking soulful. I wanna be like him when I grow up, lol. Same with Tom Quayle, Andy Timons and Nick Johnston. All monster players that still impart soul into their solos.
  8. OK. However, the purpose of this thread is to provide Line 6 with a list of tones we 'have not' already heard in order to give them an idea of what we would like to hear in the next round of clips. Not trying to be an a-hole, btw :-).
  9. Been posted here and in other forums already :-).
  10. And here's what Peter Mongaya had to say: "Hey Jose, I believe it's a Fender Deluxe Reverb 1966 with a Lovepedal AMP 11 Prymaxe edition both overdrive and boost together. There might be a XOTIC SP compressor in front too" HTH
  11. I asked Peter about his rig in this video, so hopefully he'll give me an answer to relay to you (or he may come here to answer himself). He's a great guitarist, for sure!
  12. Thanks! Tom Quayle is just awesomeness impersonated. Great educator, for sure!
  13. Here are mine: 1) Cleans and Crunch: 2) Modern Metal: 3) Blues: 4) Fusion: Not that I'm not sold on Helix, but seeing these being reproduced would make me happy :-).
  14. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Voted! This is a very important feature we NEED!! Ok, maybe I'm overreacting a little bit about this, but this is such a time saver. How could I not be excited?!
  15. Personally, I didn't like the R-121 much either (in general, not just in guitar applications). I used to own a Royer R-101 and shortly upgraded to the R-121. To me the R-101 sounded more natural, even though it's cheaper. Go figure! Eventually I got rid of it because I needed to EQ the hell out of it in order to make it fit with the Shure SM-57. It didn't sound good by itself either. Then I got an AEA R84, which to me sounds more natural and better than the R-121. The R84 is more what you would expect from a ribbon microphone, with a darker sound to it. But it's very pleasant and takes EQ very well. Another ribbon mic that I would love to try is the Shure KSM-313, which Mesa/Boogie uses for their videos (along with an SM-57). It sounds really good!! BTW, I do agree with Nico in that, in order to get that 'amp in a room' sound, you also need to include the room. A ribbon microphone definitely helps get that sound, as well as a condenser mic some distance away from the amp (in combination with a mic close to the amp).
  16. I pre-ordered only a couple of hours after it was announced. Did I win? :-D
  17. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    From TGP forum: Digital Igloo: "Specs like full throughput latency aren't known until after the last round of optimization." They're still optimizing Helix, so that's why the question about Helix's latency hasn't been answered yet. BTW, this doesn't mean that Line 6 is behind schedule on its release. HTH
  18. Jose7822

    Tape Echo

    There's no delay. Line 6 said form the start that the floor version of Helix would ship by the "end of Summer", which is September 23rd, while the rack ships in the Fall. Musicians Friend anticipates the floor version's release to be around September 11th. So far, that's within the time frame Line 6 announced. Be patient. We all want it just as bad :-).
  19. 3 and 2 rack space device respectively.
  20. I actually pre-ordered Helix just a few hours after its announcement! I know, it was just too pretty, lol. Been using the HD500 with amps since it came out, but was never satisfied with the direct sound. So far, I like how Helix sounds direct so this is the first time I'm considering going the FRFR route. Just tired of using the 4CM and wish to simplify my gigging rig further. This is the main reason why I'm really looking forward to using Helix. I will keep the HD500 as a B rig or maybe sell it, we'll see. The wait is killing me though.
  21. Okay, okay. Since you put it that
  22. Of course. I never implied that IR were anything but cabinet profiling. The reason I mentioned the Kemper is because most guitarists are familiar with its profiling process, which is more inclusive than just an IR profile of a cabinet.
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