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  1. True, but he did mention the Axe FX which is on the same playing field as Helix. By stepping into 'the big boys' arena, Line 6 has set themselves up to a similar update scheme as the other two. I'm not saying they need to release an update every week, but they definitely need to step their game up on the updates side just like they did with the hardware and software. It's not like there's a lack of feature requests over at the Idea Scale either, so the potential for new content is definitely there.
  2. Good, so that we can compare them both head to head. However, that's only gonna be in sound quality since Helix already beats the c#@p out of the AX8 in terms of easy of use, functionality and looks. I mean, that thing (AX8) looks like it was made in 1989.
  3. Im sure you could easily do this in Helix with a button set to change the intervals parameter (OFF = 3rds; ON = 4ths).
  4. I buy from both, yet a prefer MF over Sweetwater any day. Musician's Friend ALWAYS treats me right and gives me the absolute best discounts. No problems with returns either, like EVER (though I do not return much). They are very friendly people too. At Sweetwater I have a rep, everyone does right?, except I can never reach him since he's always too busy. I usually end up talking to one of his helpers (a different one every time), so what's the point of having a rep? The only times I've spoken to him is when something needs to go through him and him alone. That's about it. And their discounts don't even compare to the ones I get at MF. I only buy from Sweetwater when MF doesn't carry an item. YMMV.
  5. I routinely see a lot of people that don't know the scientific meaning of the word 'Theory', which is totally different than its meaning in everyday language (which would be closer to what is known as a Hypothesis in science). Just wanted to clarify that :-). Also, really looking forward to having Helix here with me after watching the Captain and Chappers video. So excited!
  6. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    What you guys need is to vote for the Scenes feature request on the IdeaScale: Then you'll be able to do what you're asking.
  7. Don't trust that just yet. Line 6 has said that they will announce of things get behind schedule. BTW, I got the same message.
  8. I got the same email from Musicians Friend, and I pre-ordered just a few hours after Helix was first announced. Personally, I would just wait until Line 6 says something, which they've said they will if things got behind schedule.
  9. So when is Helix shipping? Do we have a more precise date?
  10. Helix should now include a "Better by 10%" preset, lol.
  11. I thought we had gone past that already. I did say that the word "dumb" was a bit harsh, so I agree with you that it was unfair. That's the reason why I changed it to "ignorant". And the age of the Earth is NOT a believe. It is fact, based on hard data, that the Earth is at least 4.1 billion years old. I also don't wish to debate something that's so readily available on the web, but here you go: BTW, you are taking this WAY to personal. :-)
  12. Speaking of which, where's the manual? :-)
  13. The reason I said, "I know :-(", was exactly because of the opposite. I knew this would trigger some debate, which is why I didn't want to get into a deep discussion on the matter. But I guess it's inevitable when you bring up topics on science, just like religion and politics.
  14. Perhaps "dumb" is a harsh word. Let's use "ignorant" instead. Look at the scientific evidence. There's plenty out there to confirm that the Earth is waaay older. But, again, this is off topic and a discussion for another thread. Let's get back to Helix, please :-).
  15. The truth is that, here in the United States, there's a lot of dumb people, so we need things to be dumbed down for us in order to understand them. There's people here that still believe that the Earth is only 10,000 years old. That should tell you something. But, that's a subject for a different discussion. [Flame suit ON]
  16. D.I. has already explained this ad nauseam, but here goes. In order to do true effects spill over between patches, you need one processor dedicated to nothing but spill overs. I believe he said there is only one multi effects processor on the market that does it this way, and it's NOT the Axe FX. It's made by Digitech, IIRC. But, as you can see, that's not a very effective way of going about this issue. Instead, a more elegant solution would be using scenes, which unfortunately Helix won't have at launch. However, you can vote this request up on the IdeaScale site here: Maybe that update will come sooner than expected ;-).
  17. I know! Vote it up, if you haven't already:
  18. 4 amps enabled at the same time would be insane, IMO. A more practical approach would be having 4 amps in a patch, but only enabling one at a time via scenes. That way you could have a clean amp, a crunch amp, a high-gain amp and a lead amp switchable with the press of a button and all residing within the same patch. All Line 6 has to do is add the scenes functionality to Helix and you'll be able to conquer the world with it. Well, maybe not literally :-).
  19. I know, right? I found this particularly funny coming from a Piano Guy :-P.
  20. I just want to get an idea of what would be a realistic request. You say that modeling all voicings on a Mark V would probably take more than a month. But how much longer? 9 months (1 month/voicing)? 2 months? 5 months? I understand that you can't provide this answer, but it would be good to know if someone from sound design could chime in on this. Thanks!
  21. Yes to metering at each point of the signal chain. Do we have to IdeaScale it? Or does Line 6 already have some sort of way to tell if there's clipping?
  22. Well, that's actually a good question. Does the one man-month refer to just one channel (voicing in the case of amps like the Mark V) of an amp or an entire amp? Hopefully we can get more clarification from Line 6 in order to make more informed decisions as to what we would like to see them work on next.
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