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  1. Not at all. They're two different technologies. The Tone Match used in the Axe FX is simple EQ matching, ala IZotope's Ozone and many other software EQ plugins before it. Nothing new. On the other hand, the Impulse Response (IR) files used in Helix and other amp modelers (hardware and plugins alike) are 'snapshots' of the actual cabinet using different mics. It's kinda similar to how the Kemper profiles real amps.
  2. You can already do that with Helix.
  3. True, not the best player. But I do like the fact that he goes in depth (read: inside) the gear he reviews.
  4. Here's one posted earlier at TGP: Enjoy!
  5. Very tempting...hmm. Still waiting in line for the CLR...damn waiting lists.
  6. Well, I guess it depends on your point of view. I own several headphones, from $250 to $550 USD, by companies like Sony and Ultrasone. To me, those are just regular headphones. Most headphones below that are crap, though there are some decent ones.
  7. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    That is actually a good thing. Means you guys are on your lollipop, rather than waiting for us to suggest them ;-). EDIT: Definitely didn't write lollipop :-D.
  8. They (AKG-K712 Pro) look like regular headphones to me. Extreme high quality would be something like this:
  9. New submission:
  10. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    I'd vote for it if you put input it in the IdeaScale :-).
  11. Why not use an iPad for that? There's some cool apps like 'iReal Pro' and 'forScore' that are awesome for giging musicians. Plus, no need to look down at scribble pads. That would not look good during a show :-).
  12. Ah, OK. That's a different submission than the one I saw. But how come it doesn't show up under "Most Popular"? I admit I'm new to the Idea Scale, so please forgive me if I'm missing the obvious :-). As for more amp submissions, I don't think they are silly at all. We've already heard the HD amp models, so we know what's there. Yes, they are probably better quality versions given the new HX modeling. However, there are so many NEW great amps that have their own character, like the Mesa Boogie Mark V or the Randal Satan, as well as effects pedals like those from Strymon. Not to mention the amp variety offered by the competition ;-).
  13. How so? I see 40 votes on the additional amps and 30 votes on DT integration, not to mention that there are TWO "additional amp requests" (the other with 34 votes on it).
  14. Haha! I'm actually thinking about getting a Kemper, but for studio work. Helix plus hopefully an Atomic CLR will be my giging rig :-).
  15. Here:
  16. I had already voted for your idea Inerzia. It's great :-).
  17. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Man, the more I learn about Helix, the more awesome it gets!
  18. You're not kidding. Some people, not all, over at the FAS forum think of him as "god". They have some kind of cult over there, which is partly why I have lost interest in his products (actually, its mostly due to his arrogance and demeanor towards his competitors). I don't care how good his products are, if you don't behave like a decent human being, you won't get my money PERIOD! Thankfully, there are other products of the same, if not better, quality as his out there. The Kemper and Helix being on the top of my list. Gotta love the times we live in :-).
  19. Jose7822

    Helix FAQ

    Excellent job answering questions, for sure! And I do agree about the updates comments. Would be awesome to get them frequently as needed, rather than just cause, with new amps and Fx added to the mix.
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