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  1. Great unit for singers and karaoke lovers.. Roland preamps and Effects sounds fantastic for live use and recording :) This unit is in MINT to New condition..Bought it New and used it 2-3 times. Link Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Roland-VIMA-JM-5-/181850360925?ssPageName=ADME:L:LCA:US:1123 Thanks!
  2. What are the chances Line 6 and Yamaha are going re-release and improve this amp via MKII? I really love how the amp sounds by itself and with my HD500x but I wasn't really too confident on buying DT50 112 (when I had the chance a couple of weeks ago) to be honest from all the problems I've read here.. Was looking at the L2t and it seems it had some other problems too? :(
  3. Zhorell

    DT50 question

    I like the simplicity of using the Amp by itself, 2 channels and not relying on the HD500X.. Not digging British Crunch and Chime topology.. I was hoping to replace them with some other HD amp models but App works only with IOS not available for Android?
  4. Reading through this tread scared the heck out of me :lol: There's too many things goin' on inside (analog/digital boards relay and gremlins) DT amps and the chances of failing (hauling the amp in a car or van constantly) on a gig are very likely! now I'm scared of buying one :unsure:
  5. Zhorell

    DT50 question

    I was looking on youtube for info/instruction? none whatsoever.. it will be a lot easier to follow someone doing this by video :D .. I'll look into that link thanks for the help.
  6. Zhorell

    DT50 question

    Thanks for the reply, is there a sticky (for novice :P) on how to swap topology with Amp models via HD500X ? could this be done without updating the firmware first?
  7. Looking to buy DT50 112 combo a couple of novice questions; Is the latest firmware pre-installed? Could you replace any of the Topology (Fender clean, Marshall crunch, AC boost, Mesa hi-gain) with another Amp model from HD500X? The 112 combo is on sale right now at Guitar center and I'm really interested on getting one (perfect fit for my HD500X) before the sale ends.. Thanks in-advanced!
  8. Dump question here, does the Global EQ affects all the patches and user?
  9. Zhorell

    Wav To Midi

    Thanks! I heard Logic does it too? mainly electronic music (depeche mode, omd, camouflage red flag etc..) backing tracks removing the vocals. I'll check that one out..
  10. Hello Group! Anyone here knows which DAW able to convert Wav/mp3 to MIDI file at each exact notations? Looking to make a couple of back tracks.. thanks in-advanced.
  11. Looking at the chain of the DT L6 link patches, very similar to may 500X to Amp loop effects patches? Any harm (on my pod and amp) if I use them? Using a mic xlr-1/4 cable..
  12. Zhorell

    Vocal Effects

    Do u mean using guitar and mic for vocals simultaneously? I'd like to know that too if that's possible with 500x?
  13. one cable from pod to amp effects return and another from guitar to pod. I use hd500x edit to create my patches.
  14. I have been using Amp Pre models (hd500x) alone with no cab sim into my tube amp's effects return to use the power amp section only.. I had great result! similar to those DT patches..
  15. Zhorell

    Best Patches

    This is embarrassing, my tone link does not work ? how do I paste a link here properly?
  16. Zhorell

    Best Patches

    http://line6.com/customtone/upload/index.html Clean shimmer I think I've maxed out the dsp with this one? lol
  17. Slo is my fav, it's fluidy and singing smoothness. jcm (least fav) could use a little more tweak on the update, can't get a decent sound out of that model lol...
  18. Hey Guys! Updated my 500x's firmware lastnite and I noticed there's slight different sound on the patches? Anyone else hear a difference? or am I just dreaming lol..
  19. Does it work with HD500x? I only see HD500 in Custom tone.
  20. I guess I didn't thought about the HD edit software? Yes! it does help a lot with that tool, thanks for the help! So #noob here lol
  21. Buddy of mine has Boss GT10 and comparing it with Line 6 on built quality (NOT the TONE) Boss are much rock solid and will last longer.. I'm not bashing Line 6 but for price point with these units they could have done a much better job on the hardware construction.
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