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  1. Check out the Neural Quad Core video from Sweetwater. It has DSP out the wazoo, wi-fi, touch screen, footswitches that rotate to control parameters, 1,000 IR's...you don't even need a computer at all. It's tiny though, doesn't look robust at all, and has no expression pedal but - it is an indicator of where things are headed. Line 6 will eventually trump it. The Helix was in development for years. I have confidence that they know what is important to users Secrets are being kept while they continue to make us happy with updates.
  2. Wow. Did all of you forget the part where I said I’ve been a loyal Line 6 user since the beginning? Within five minutes of getting that email introducing the helix, I was looking to place an order. I can’t control what people purchase. I was merely pointing out that the Helix is locked in with it’s hardware /DSP capabilities and can only advance to a certain extent. Some people may eventually want more bells and whistles. I am happy with the helix and I am excited about what 3.0 will bring us. But Line 6 will eventually introduce another Version of helix, in my opinion. And with their resources, I’m willing to bet that it is in development and it will surpass the competition. They are not going to upset thousands of people who spent $1600 or more. But they will certainly not be stagnant IF the market begins to demand features that their current model cannot provide. It’s not that important to me but wouldn’t it be nice if your buddy had a nice patch and you could slide in a flash drive, copy it, and install it on your unit in a matter of a minute or two? If you don’t care about Features like that, then you will help dictate the direction of the market.
  3. The 3.0 update will have many goodies, I'm sure. But, unless Line 6 comes up with a "sidecar" device of some sort, it will always have the same hardware - which is beginning to be surpassed by the competition. I'm talking about stuff like USB flash drive support, wifi support, touch screen, etc. Line 6 knows this so I predict a "Helix Plus" in a year or so (they're smart - they're probably developing it now). So, to prevent people from jumping ship (Neural Quad-Core?), I think 3.0 will be good. I sure hope so - I've been a loyal Line 6 customer since the beginning.
  4. Using the Hughes and Kettner Grandmesiter 40 with the PowerCab Plus has been the same, but you can turn the emulation off and use the IR's in the PowerCab. Sounds good but I wonder if I can just go speaker out (instead of the Red Box) from the amp to the PowerCab. Thoughts?
  5. I'm considering getting a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 40 that has a "Red Box Emulated DI out". It allows you to send your signal directly to a mixer or PA, etc. Couldn't I connect the amp to a PowerCab Plus by way of this Red Box DI? That way I would have access to tons of IR's. I currently have a Helix now with two PowerCabs but the Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister is all tube with multiple channels, delay and modulation effects. I'm considering it because the Helix really is way more than I need and I would like to simplify things. I'm somewhat ignorant of these things. Here is a link to info on the amp I'm looking at: http://hughes-and-kettner.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/GrandmeisterEN_LowRes.pdf Could I please have some input from you guys? Thanks in advance. If this works, I'll have a Helix and a PowerCab Plus for sale :)
  6. QUESTION I have a Powercab Plus...if I want to get a 2nd one to go stereo, is there any reason why the 2nd one would have to be the "Plus" version?
  7. Little River Band - Reminiscing :) phowell@sc.rr.com
  8. Would look great next to one of those movie projector amps from the Tim Pierce and Pete Thorn show on YouTube1 (worth watching if you haven't seen it - I think it was in episode 1)
  9. I was also going to recommend a QSC12 or a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 (maybe not enough though). My band is probably small beans compared to yours but our first consideration with that scenario is to turn everybody else down a little. Of course, we are close to going to in ears.
  10. For Pete's sake, just buy the dang Helix. Reading between the lines is one thing, but read the "lines" with all the rave reviews that describe what you can do with this thing. You'll love it!
  11. Check this adapter out: Yamaha MD-BT01 You plug it in the midi in/out and it will create a bluetooth midi audio signal to connect to an ipad. Limited uses - but may meet your needs. You can send signals to GarageBand on your ipad wirelessly for example.
  12. I was using some Rockit 8's but sold those and am now running Helix into a pair of QSC12 PA speakers. The primary purpose of these is for my band's PA but I decided to "kill two birds with one stone". Pricey speakers but they sound great.
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