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  1. Hi,

    I have a JTV69 yr2012 Modeling works fine but mag pups only put out a very very weak thin signal barely noticeable unless you really crank amp volume. Same result through VDI or 1/4. same on all 5 pu selection positions. If you had to guess where the (in order of mostly likely) problem is. 

    Jack Plate assembly

    Pu selector switch

    Wire connection

    main board


    Thanks sooo much!


    1. psarkissian


      2012,... was a pretty good vintage year. Squashed a couple of minor

      bugs, so the 2012's came out pretty well.


      From a software point of view, what is the Flash version of the 69?


      Doubt it's the main board, slim chance of the jack plate. Could be any

      or a mix of all of the others.


      Would have to be properly troubleshooted by a Line 6 authorized tech

      who has experience with the product or it may waste time money trying

      to do trial and error.



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