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  1. I replied back to you, but you obviously haven't seen it. Would be very helpful if you could re-read the message on what I'm attempting as all you did was correct something I specifically wasn't doing.

    Original question (with highlight) 

    I own a JTV-59. And I'm seriously considering a transplant I don't believe has been attempted.

    I also own an Artist 8 string guitar. Very cheap instrument that punches way above it's weight. 26.5 scale.

    So here comes the crazy. Can I make 1 instrument to rule them all?

    My plan would be to buy a Floyd Rose 8 string tremolo (

    Then change the first 6 saddles only to graphtech (

    From there route in and mount the JTV-59 Electronics.

    And finally replace the pickups within the 6-8Kohm range (if that's right) with these (


    To clarify, I would only be using the piezos on the 6 upper strings. I don't expect (nor intend to use) any string functionality in the lower 2 strings in anything but magnetic mode. Hope that changes things. The main purpose of this is to simply have my 8 string be a variax for tuning purposes over the 6 strings it normally occupies.


    My main concerns are (a) K-ohm pickup compatibility of the replacement pickups I linked above (b) any weird circuitry that would not pass the 2 low strings through as magnetics. 


    Thank you for the assistance.

    1. psarkissian


      Doing just the first six only would work from a hardware point. From a software point, it should function, so long as it is a fix bridge and not a tremolo bridge (the 59 program can't handle tremolo bridges). I take it you are keeping it a fixed bridge. 


      Be aware of warbling in model mode, when setting the pick-up heights. The mag signal will be cut-off, but the mag field will still pull on the strings, as they are permanent magnets.  


      Di Marzios are in the correct impedance range. You're good there. 



      Happy Hunting. 



    2. KXB17


      That was the answer I was looking for, thank you. I wasn't keeping it fixed bridge, ergo the floyd. That was, in fact, the reason for considering the transplant in this manner.


      Have to think about my options a bit more me thinks.


      Thank you so much for your help.  








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