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  1. Morning Partev- Gotta ask you - Any Idea where I can find a Model Selector Pot/Switch for a Variax 700 Acoustic? Tried all the parts suppliers I can find in the US- Full Compass, Line 6 etc. and nobody has it?? The switch I have functions "but" the shaft with the model selector knob falls out, and it sticks when in use. I've got it apart, but can't figure out how it locks in properly. I'm sure it's a simple "C" clip that must go on the end of the shaft to keep it in place, but I can't find it in the guitar or how it mounts on the shaft. Afraid to take it apart and further damage the thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Would the model selector "Pot" from any Variax substitute? Replacing Acoustics knob on it to keep the models straight?

    1. psarkissian


      Full Compass can special order it. If it's in our stock, they can get it.

      I don't have stocking info myself, so I don't know what we have.

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