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  1. So how big of a difference do you think it would make if the electronics from a James Tyler 89 fixed bridge guitar were in a Les Paul style(either double or single cutaway)? You would probably notice that, but how much would Nate Nobody notice? Would it be easy enough to adjust with EQ?



    1. psarkissian


      1- Depends on their hearing and how trained they are at hearing. Big difference for some, barely noticeable for others. Me,... I'd catch it right off. 


      2- EQ is useful, but would take you only so far. 


      Many factors, and they all play a role. Because it's an instrument, it there wuill be an affect on the sound from instrument to instrument, for a board programmed for something else. If it were a "virtual instrument" in a box or computer, like they do at CCRMA at Stanford, then that would be different,... no acoustics to deal with. 


      In a Variax, the program has to acoustically match the guitar it is in, as that is part of the modeling process. So there is no one-size-fits-all in this. Part of the reason we don't do retro-fit kits for generic guitars,... wouldn't work well. 


    2. FeralCat


      Thank you for your answers.


      I'm curious how the switch from an '89 fixed bridge Variax to an LP style would possibly change the sound. Would it be too tinny? More(or less) bassy? Or are there too many variables with the transplant body to try a guess?

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