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  1. Hello.  I have a question about the Piezo's.  


    I just got a Shuriken a few weeks ago.  I'm having several issues with string volume.


    1)  The High E string is just lower in volume than all of the other strings.  I can fix this using the Workbench but I have to drop the other strings by 20 to 30% volume.  Is this normal?  Or do I need to try and clean the Piezo for this string?


    2)  Probably the most irritating issue; the Low E string is much louder than the other strings and the bass really rings out on this string.  It rings out bad on the 4th through 7th frets.  I can't explain this.  Not sure if it even could be a Piezo problem or if it is a set up problem.  Do you have any ideas on what I should do here.


    There is not an authorized service center anywhere close to me so if it needs to be serviced, I'll have to send it to Line 6 in California.

    1. psarkissian


      Different string volumes on Artist Models are like that by design. It's a Stevic McKay thing.


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