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  1. You won't be able to load them all to patches in one go though, will still have to be done one at a time. I had to sit down with a pad and a pen and draught it out where I was going to put all the tones I need
  2. Not possible, it was touted as a feature on some early YouTube videos I watched before this thing got launched but it never made it to the final product
  3. I run my master volume at 60% red led's Mp3 balance at 50% white led's And my amp models can be anywhere between 50%-100% pink led's I find there can be a lot of difference in volume between amp models , eg: a fender twin at 50% is not as loud as a marshall on 50%
  4. The pink led's control the amp sims volume, so if your using the amp block then yes it still works, if your amp block is set to " no amp" then it won't work , but I've never actually tried it because I run into a PA speaker
  5. Try playing about with the mp3 balance volume (white leds) It's possible you had it set differently before and the update has reset it back to 50% It shouldn't affect tone in theory but it definitely does
  6. I've been down this rabbit hole many times Forget trying to create patches on headphones. You must create your patches using something as close to what you're gonna use live as possible, if that's a PA speaker then that's what you need, once you do this you will find your tones can be modelled to exactly what you want. I sometimes create patches with headphones just to get a general sound or get the delays set up, but it always needs a lot of adjustment when I go to rehearsal. I've tried tonnes of different headphones and speakers as I really wanted to be able to create patches late at night while my family was sleeping but since creating them at gig volumes the results are so much better, it also sounds better when recorded, but if you switch back to headphones the tone will sound lifeless and bland, I have 2 instances of all my favourite patches, one for live use and one for headphones
  7. Really? Mine hasn't updated, I'm on android
  8. Maybe there's an app update on the way and it's needed for that, I'm just working on the logic that you would need the firehawk updated first because if the app auto updated it could render it useless
  9. It's about time we had 1.40
  10. I'm not sure the lt is worth the £300 saving, I could use the helix for vocals at the same time as guitar , that would mean I could sell my vocal pedal , I couldn't do that with the lt , or at least that's how I understand it, if I'm incorrect please put me straight lol, if I could get another £100 off the lt I'd be a lot more interested in it though
  11. I totally agree with all that , bottom line is , show me a pedal that can do what the firehawk does for £300 Over on gear page somebody reviewed the new headrush pedal with the words "hd500 comparable tones" and "touchscreen control" I thought wow, competition to the firehawk, but no , sadly that pedal is £899 hahahaha
  12. Would love to hear your thoughts on the difference in tone quality once you get your head around the helix
  13. OMG I got them for £3.99 too! I almost feel guilty
  14. I don't see helix lt being the new hd500 when it's twice the price to be honest , I think there's still a gap to be filled in the £500 ball park
  15. I came across something recently , we switched rehearsal places and the sound in the new room was really lively, no wall coverings etc so a lot of my patches had too much reverb and I remembered the pod xt had a global reverb knob that I used way back to control the reverb for different venues, it was a cracking idea
  16. You could use the compressor block to add some gain, I do that a lot on my clean patches
  17. It makes it louder for sure but also makes it sound bad , in my experience anyway, run it at halfway and use your master volume to get it louder
  18. I do the same as ric, I've noticed if you dial it full or close to full ( the white led's) the sound seems to get a lot harsher
  19. When using the fx return either the amp Volume will be your master volume or you might have an fx mix knob? Obviously if your using just the fx loop you need to have that at 100% but I'm not familiar with your amp so I could be talking out my butt
  20. Unfortunately not When the firehawk was released some videos mentioned that set lists could be saved and loaded so maybe it was a feature they were hoping to implement but it just never happened And yeah it's a bummer
  21. I do something similar, I tend to use a bank for each song we play , sometimes patch A is almost identical to patch B except for a parameter change or two, some banks are used for more than one song. There's always those button covers you can get that make switching the effects on and off much easier, there's a thread on them here somewhere
  22. I would switch to the firehawk, you're giving up the speaker of the amplifi but if you ever find yourself wanting to gig or play live the amplifi speaker probably won't get you loud enough anyway, but that's viewing things from my perspective (I gig , rehearse, record a fair amount) If you're unlikely to need it outside of the bedroom/lounge etc then the amplifi is a really cool concise package that does everything you need
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