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  1. Yes, if the goal is to go to the store to get milk. A bicycle and the shuttle have two very, very different goals. The pod/dt25 combo (which I do speak about, and own) has (more or less) the same goals as a collection of amps and cabs. So compare like with like, please. I disagree. Lets try a better comparison. A swiss army knife is cheaper and lighter than a screwdriver, a bowie knife, a fishing rod, a bottle opener, a saw, a pliers, a tweezers, a corkscrew, and a pokey thing for cleaning your nails. It might even do the same job as these. But I am under no illusions as to which tool(s) I prefer, given a choice.
  2. Perhaps in some product areas. I bought a dtx multi 12 drum pad and feel totally burned. It's painfully obvious that yamaha felt they needed to have an entry in the drum pad market too, so they threw together a midi chip, a few bits of a sampler and stuck horrible rubber pads on it. There's no attempt at actually building an instrument or something useable/playable. It's pathetic and so bad that it's downright insulting and disrespectful to sell such junk. Yamaha will never get another cent from me, and I'll vent my rage at every chance in case it helps someone else avoid buying such crap. Hope that illustrates my feelings on yamaha.
  3. Oh, it's lighter than a collection of amps. That's a plus too. When I say a 'real amp' I mean the kind of thing the pod is trying to sound like. A device built to do a particular soundeor sounds and do it well. The pod is a jack of all trades, master of none. Sure you can get good tones out of it with some tweaking, but no one's ever saying you get better tones out of it. And having to set up eqs and compressors and tweak for ages to get a decent tone is a pain. My orange just sounds excellent whatever way I twist the knobs. Thats a feature of real ampsethat the pod completely fails on. It's really, really easy to get bad tone out of it. And several years after its launch the signal chain is STILL not even fully understood. So I see it as an overcomplicated attempt to sound like something else. It only wins on cost, velume level, and weight. And that's all WIN, which is why I own the thing. But I'm not about to hang out on forums trying to convince myself and othes that it's indistinguishable from the real thing. It falls very short when it tries to model the simplicity and playability of the real amps. Those factors are really inspirational for me
  4. I like mine because it's cheap, and it doesn't need to be cranked to get nice tones. In every other way, it's worse than real amps.
  5. I reckon they'll sell out to the lowest common denominator. Cheap crap gear with buzzwords like bluetooth and cloud and ipad apps. Thats what big corporate buyouts do to products.
  6. We've all heard a beginner playing away on an out of tune guitar, thinking it sounds good. 'if it sounds good' is just lollipo', in practice it just means as good as your ear, whioh should always be improving.
  7. I sometimes load the same amp into all 4 slots, but with different cabs, reverbs and voicings etc.
  8. Lightly damping/muting the other strings can also help.
  9. I get more accurate results with a free vst called 'c tuner', but I use the one in the pod for convenience when I'm messing around. But if I'm going to record, or adjust intonation, its c tuner.
  10. After a bit of testing with a midi monitor, it turns out that the midi OUT side of the cable had an intermittent failure. So just wiggling it around a bit would get it to work, or fail. Glad I didn't update the firmware over that..
  11. i HATE those bloody pops!!! And the worst is that I don't think it matters what volume you have it at. I had my Master turned all the way down. I updated the firmware in the middle of the night in total silence, and then in the middle of the process the amp just goes BANG! Bloody hell, line6, you don't get any customer-friendly points for that one.
  12. If you've tried everything and don't like it, just sell it and get some fx pedals or something instead.
  13. I think it's been pretty well estsblished that the models are identical, and any differences are probably psychoacoustic, or a user configuration error, or as in my case, some kind of weird bug which went away when i toggled the output mode a few times.
  14. I did a side by side comparison of the AC30 and a real one. You could definitely tell there was a difference. Much of it was in the feel, the real AC30 was squishy or spongy somehow, whereas the DT25 was quite sterile. Maybe that's a response to playing dynamics or something. But tone wise the DT25 was doing an alright impersonation, considering its price difference (and it's other features). You'd never be fooled that it was a real one, but by the time you add in the rest of the band it'd probably not matter so much. AC30-flavoured, it was. Didn't crank them loud enough to test any distortion though.
  15. innovine


    In the interests of social networking and online connectivity, I inform you that I am reading this thread on my smartphone, while taking a dump. Right now. Yes.
  16. innovine


    Smartphones have an off button, I think that'll solve most of the complaints listed above.
  17. innovine


    Apparently musicians who are used to playing bigger gigs are often more immune to latency issuse, since they are used to the time delay for sound toereachetheir ears from a distant amp or FOH PA system.
  18. innovine


    Didn't mean to be obnoxious. Maybe your timingis not tight enough. Its certainly true that some players find latency tolerable. Just because you are not sensitive to it doesn't mean its not there.
  19. innovine


    You mean milliseconds, not microseconds. I find 10ms pretty annoying. I think 5ms is annoying when I play drums (ekit). any higher and its scarcely playable for intricate snare work. Maybe you're too sloppy to notice.
  20. The eqs knobs behave differently on the different amp models, and often changing one eq knob can alter the others too as they can be interdependant. Also, ensure your guitar is sending an appropriate signal. For instance, if you are using a bright bridge pickup, into a tubescreamer, there's probably not much bass in the signal by the time it gets to the amp, so the amps eq has little to work with. Sometimes too if you distort the hell out of the signal in the power amp stage then manipulating the eq controls (prior to the power amp) will have a greater effect on the distortien tone, rather than the perceived eq level. Finally, your ear will hear different eq effects at different volumes, so the overall loudness plays a part. Even the position of the amp in the room will have a noticable effect, pushingethe amp into a corner will often give plenty more bass. What is 'focus'?
  21. innovine


    Just to be pedantic, all sound is one dimensional, it's a rise and fall in air pressure.
  22. I can use my ears, but there sure is a lot of combinations of gear to work through. As I haven't really used the Divide or Gobtone amps, for example, I'd really appreciate tips from people who use them reguarly about what kinds of cab and mic they think work well, as well as what pedals work well and what ones don't, etc. Gives me a good starting point, and from there, I can tweak the tone to my liking. That's the point of a guide. It's not a tone howto, it's tips from those who've already experimented a lot, to save some of us that effort.
  23. I'm having a bit of trouble with my DT25 A week or two ago it was working fine, and I changed a few of the preamps and cabs on it using DT Edit. Yesterday I started D Edit up again, and at first I got some popup error in DT Edit about not connecting, and an option to choose my midi device. I ran the program several times and got this each time, but after a while it stopped occuring. Now the program starts with no popup, but displays "Not connected" in the menu bar. The thing is, if I turn knobs on the amp, the changes are displayed on the screen, so _something_ is connected.. I've been using this midi interface for years and think its pretty good. I notice also that Monkey is not detecting my DT25 firmware version via midi either. Any ideas?
  24. Hmm, to be honest I'd sort of forgotten about them when I discovered they were mic level, but i do have inputs with preamps available so I guess I could check it out again. Thanks for the reminder.
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