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  1. Yes each one have it's own edit software. When choosing the unit that suits you better i don't think you should look at the edit software, you should analyse and compare the features of each unit.
  2. fmarinheiro


    I can see myself in that group but anyway, it's just one in a million
  3. fmarinheiro


    If this means they will stop improving the current HD500, that is a very short life time. I wasn't expecting to have a discountinuate product in less than a year after buying it. Bad first experience with line 6
  4. Thats ok, "it's evolution baby" I was hopping there would be a couple more updates in the currente HD500, mainly the possibility to set diferent output mode for the left and right outs. I really need that and it's hard for me to buy another unit, possibly more expenssive, when i bought mine less than a year ago. Line 6 please don't drop us yet, :/
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