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  1. I had been using an Alto TS210, which sounded OK. I just got the Headrush 112, sounds MUCH better. If the money becomes available, I intend to try the new L6 speaker for comparison.


    Can you clarify that? I could be wrong but I thought they were almost the same thing just a repackaged version for Headrush.  I'm looking at both of these 2 models. 

    1. rd2rk


      If you look at the specs for the Alto TS212 vs the Headrush 112 they're quite different in power and SPL. Only the plastic shell is the same. The voicing is different due to having a different speaker and horn.


      I can't speak to how the TS212 sounds vs the HR 112, since I have the TS210, but my perception is that the HR 112 sounds much better than the TS210, with much less of the "nasty", "fizzy" sound that takes so much EQing to smooth out. That is to say, for instance, most of the Fremen presets that I use sound better "out of the box", and it just seems easier to create a new preset that sounds good.


      As always, YMMV, but I'm quite happy with the Headrush.

    2. themetallikid


      Thanks, appreciate the response!  Cheers!

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