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  1. Hello! I'm from Russia. Do we have your service center in the country? I have a common problem with the 6th string (clang), as well as Miroslav.
  2. At the moment, the cable that came with the JTV does not transmit sound on the POD HD.
  3. Я в Ñфире! Скажите, кабель, который поÑтавлÑетÑÑ Ñ JTV должен передавать звук от JTV к POD HD PRO или мне нужно купить VDI кабель?
  4. I updated the firmware to the POD HD and Variax 10 times, but it did not help. The sound in the headphones is not, when you turn on the tuner sound is not. Maybe you can do something else to try?
  5. Thanks for the advice.What you need to properly upgrade the firmware on the pod or variax?Thanks for the advice.
  6. Later I take the video with all the operations which are performed when connecting the Variax to the POD HD...
  7. No,I did not try to connect to another POD HD. And what could be the problem on the POD HD?
  8. POD HD PRO to control the Variax ? Maybe it's not available for the POD HD PRO ? I need to switch the preset on POD HD PRO-change guitar model on the Variax...
  9. I would try it with nothing else connected except power supply, VDI cable and output to amp or speaker. You want that I connected the Variax to the input of the amplifier ?I'm from Russia,use the translator to communicate. Sorry to ask again...
  10. Yes, I get sound with the battery and a regular 1/4" cable...
  11. Please see video 2:40 min,there is just input assign.
  12. The input 1 is selected Variax. It may be that the firmware 2.62 himself or POD HD PRO does not support Variax?
  13. Friends, anyone faced with the lack of sound through the DVI cable connected to the POD HD? That video
  14. Friends, anyone faced with a lack of sound through VDI cable connected to the POD HD PRO? And I still have not displayed VARYAX guitar model and you can not change tuning strings of POD HD PRO...
  15. Friends, anyone faced with a lack of sound through VDI cable connected to the POD HD PRO?
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