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    If you have to order 7 JTVs and they keep breaking or you have to post EVERY day because something else isn't working with your JTV. It's probably you.
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  1. I would be mad but I'm too busy shredding my JTV.
  2. I think it's shreddable in any tuning. In fact I shred on mine with the same feel as my other regular guitars. I have yet to have one person play it that thought it was laggy at all. I have a 59
  3. For me it seems every time I update my iDevices it turns off the microphone access for my apps. Turning it back on "fixed" it.
  4. same here for both my iPad3 and iPhone 4s with newest update. Neither my sonic port or Mobile In works. It sees it then forgets it.
  5. Just thinking out loud but is there any way to pitch shift just one string via pod HD?
  6. Any stand that will hold a guitar with a 1/4 inch plug will work. Or has so far with mine.
  7. Probably and they also probably think every strat some how sounds exactly like the one they played.
  8. just an FYI I'm sure you are aware of. But you cant attack the guitar like an acoustic while playing acoustic models. You really have to change some of your playing habits. or at least I did. If I bang my JTV like I would an acoustic, it sounds terrible. If it doesn't help you it might help someone else Hope you get it figured out.
  9. I have a 59 that has been spot on since early March when i bought it. i use alt tunings almost all the time and only models. Only use the mags when tuning. knock on wood ;)
  10. I personally hardly ever use the mags. I'm so used to switching up tunings and models that I almost forget they are there. They do sound really good though.
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