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  1. I've gone through this thread multiple times and I'm still having some problems. I want to record the Helix via Logic Pro and be able to adjust the monitoring level of the track being recorded without adjusting the recording level. Up until now, in order to get a good monitoring/volume blend I've been using the Helix's channel outputs to set the level but this also changes the recording level. Is there a way to control these independently without latency? Thanks.
  2. Something to consider: I only use my Helix setup for recording. After using Sonarworks plugins to adjust my listening setup, I was amazed at how much better my guitar sounds are. It was alarming how much the room was coloring the sound and screwing up my ability to discern what I was hearing. I was really struggling to get good sounds and so much of it had to do with the room. If I were to set up my rig for live stuff, this setup would allow the sounds to be created with confidence (knowing that the room's impact had been diminished significantly). Then at the gig I could use Helix's global EQ to compensate for the live room if/when needed. I prefer spending my time playing music rather than messing with gear so the extra few bucks for the Sonarworks system has been well worth it. Curious to see if this would help you guys as well. Good luck!
  3. In addition to recording guitar, bass, and variax I use Helix to record vocals as well as voice overs (I host a podcast). My Scarlett interface sits in the closet now. I use minimal effects in the Helix while recording and add all that stuff in post. I've been very happy with this setup. I have presets for everything. Everything stays connected at all times. This makes it very fast and easy to record quickly.
  4. Update: When I try to record this phase weirdness out of USB it doesn't happen in the recorded signal. I then tried to record the headphone out (using it 1/4" TRS Y-Cable) into (2) separate inputs in another recording interface. Same thing -- no phase issues. It sounds normal. Two possible scenarios: (1) I'm crazy (which is debatable) or (2) Some kind of weird impedance thing happening with the headphones? Not sure. Bottom line is that it's not affecting the output signal so I can track with this and know that it's not affecting the final product. Curious if anyone else ever runs into this. FYI -- I'm only hearing it through the mic input. I don't hear this when a guitar is used as the input device. Thanks to those that chimed in.
  5. Glad you're doing this. A patch with all the different sounds for "Camera Eye" would be great. Alex's live Hentor tone from the Power Windows days was cool (see "Witch Hunt" on Show of Hands which was recorded on the PW tour). His most recent big growly tone with the Les Paul thru the Lerxst amps sounds amazing on a big 1st position D chord. Always wanted to play around with his wiry tone from the Hold Your Fire days. Not my favorite era but it was cool when he would blend it with his overdrive signal (2 amps). It would be great to have a patch that had all the sounds for Hemispheres too!
  6. Nope. When I was recording I was recording USB 1. Again, this is happening without USB connection to anything and only monitoring via headphones. I've opened a support ticket. Thanks for taking a crack at this, guys!
  7. Thanks, Peter. I've been unconnected from Logic this whole time. I, too, mute the record enabled track in Logic while recording and monitor through Helix. Again -- this is happening without connection to Logic -- purely monitoring via headphones with Helix. I only connected to Logic when I was trying to record it. Somehow the USB output is not getting this, but the headphones from Helix are -- regardless of being connected to Logic. Seems like it would be pretty easy to replicate on someone else's system. Is anyone else trying this and seeing if it's repeatable?
  8. Thanks for the input. There is nothing else in the path. And path 2A is empty as well with no input selected.
  9. The plot thickens. I attempted to record this in Logic. While I was recorded I was monitoring via headphones connected to Helix. I could hear the phasing issue clearly. When I reviewed the recording the phasing issue wasn't there. The FX Loop was transparent. Any ideas about what is happening here? What is different about the signal going through the headphones vs the signal going through USB to Logic?
  10. Thanks for chiming in. As of now, I simply have an FX Loop block in the chain and I'm hearing this issue. Nothing else is in there. The phasing issue happens regardless of whether or not the external unit is bypassed or engaged. Mic --> FX Loop block (mix at 100%) --> external unit --> back to Helix and out (Multi) And this is also repeatable in a different FX Loop using a different external unit and different cables.
  11. Anyone will to test this with your Helix? I've got an SM7 connected to the Helix via the mic input. I have nothing in the signal chain -- no blocks. Healthy signal running to Logic. All sounds good. I pulled out my old RNC compressor and put it into one of the FX loops. I notice that when I make the FX Loop block active (even with the outboard unit on bypass) that I can hear a slight chorus effect and a loss of low end. Sounds like a bit of the original dry signal is getting mixed back in and there's a phase issue. I still hear this when I engage the compressor. When I bypass the FX Loop block the signal is nice and full again. I decided to test this with another "true bypass" outboard unit with different cables on a different FX Loop. I'm getting the same weird phasing issue. I don't use the FX Loops when I'm playing guitar through the Helix so this is the first time I've come across this. I don't have a problem running effects in Logic, but it would suck if the Helix's FX Loops aren't transparent. Anyone else notice this? Thanks.
  12. It's working correctly now. Not sure what was going on. Thanks again for your help, Peter.
  13. The sensitivity is "Line" or "Mic." Which do you choose? Thanks.
  14. Been a Helix user for almost 10 months but have only used it for guitar. I've been using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for my voiceover work and thought I'd give my Helix a shot. I'm confused about how to set levels and hoping you guys can help out. I've got my SM7 plugged into the Helix mic input and after going to the Global Settings page I was finally able to get a mic signal adjusting the input gain there. (I thought the input was dead for a while.) This is sounding good and I'm getting a good signal into Logic. But when I try to experiment with the "Studio Tube Pre" block I'm getting distortion. Am I missing something? Curious to hear how you guys are setting mic levels while also using other blocks like the Studio Tube Pre. Thanks.
  15. I see now. I hadn't perceived the jump in volume when the parallel path was created. I started with a clean patch this time and was able to hear it now. Thanks.
  16. I am confused about this, too. I watched Sean Halley's original video and tried it on my setup. However, when I turned the mix up to 100% on the "wet" path, my dry sound also diminished -- just as if it had been in a serial path. Not sure what I'm missing here. Anyone else?
  17. I've been chasing Ty's early tone for years with various pieces of gear. Then I bought a Strat Elite and had a Lab Series preamp pedal built. I put the pedal into one of the fx loops of the Helix and there it is. So much of the tone is the strat elite and it's unique preamp and tbx and mdx tone controls. The guitar is very sensitive and different from a regular strat. With the strat elite I could get pretty close with the Marshall 2204 model since it cleans up nicely as you roll down the volume.
  18. Mark only made a pedal for himself and me. When I picked this up the other day I asked if he'd be open to making more and he said yes. I would contact him directly to see what he would charge for the build. I spent about $400 on it. Not cheap but it's essentially a two channel amp with compression in a box. These are built from plans that can be found online if you're handy with a soldering iron.
  19. FYI This is not a patch per the original OP's request but I just had this built and put into my Helix FX loop. If you're interested Mark Moore of Mark Moore Audio Solutions in Wilmington, NC is building them. You can also search online to find the DIY project for yourself. I can't speak to getting BB's sound with this. I'm more of a fan of Ty Tabor's earlier tone which used the same amp.
  20. I'm not a fanboy of either company. Before purchasing I was playing through a tube amp/pedal setup. I purchased the AX8 and spent a few weeks working with it. Then I bought the Helix and was able to do some fun A/B testing using the same IRs (Ownhammer Justin York Collection). I really expected the AX8 to outshine the Helix sonically because of all the hype. But I was surprised by how easily I could get the two to sound nearly identical. To my ears -- using headphones, studio monitors, and FRFR speakers -- any minute differences in sound/feel would be lost in a mix. At times I would look down and not be sure which unit I was playing. I liked how the AX8 is more mature in sounds and options. I also liked having some of those rare, unique amp models, but the Helix's ease of use outweighed those advantages. For me, the Helix was much easier and much more fun to use. I could see where some guys would want the deep features of the AX8. I prefer the simplicity as it keeps me playing more than tweaking. After a couple of weeks with both units, I found that I wasn't even turning the AX8 on any more. I put the AX8 on eBay and never looked back. That said, I'm sure there are guys that went the other way. This was simply my experience. My recommendation? Buy both and try them out. See which one inspires you to play more. I was able to sell the AX8 for more than I bought it (even though that was not my intention).
  21. I tried this global EQ setting on my rig and really liked the way it sounds. I tried to setup a stereo EQ block with the same settings at the end of the chain in a preset (so I could just have it as an "effect" and wouldn't have to enter the global EQ settings each time there was a firmware update). But the stereo EQ block doesn't sound the same as the Global EQ when A/B comparing. Seems like the low pass is different. Any others try this?
  22. Never mind. Figured it out using this: Answer is yes -- USB stereo is summed to the left channel.
  23. This is for stereo music playback only -- not any guitar signal coming from Helix: I've got stereo audio coming into the Helix via USB. I have one XLR from the left channel (that says mono) going into one FRFR cabinet. Does this mean that the stereo mix is also being summed to mono or is only the left channel of the stereo mix going to the FRFR? If I want to get both channels into one FRFR do I need to feed the FRFR both left/right channels? Hope this makes sense. Thanks.
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