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    Can anyone help? I use a JTV and HD500. On some presets the tuner won't work as expected. The foot switch correctly switches to the tuner but there is no bar to indicate the pitch being generated by the Variax. The Variax is connected correctly and sounds normal once I switch out the tuner. Volume is turned up on both Variax and foot pedal. If I connect a regular guitar, the tuner bar reappears. I suspect it has to do with routing priorities between the inputs but I can't work it out. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought this: It seems better than the Line 6 version (rubberised outer feels better than plastic) but still stiffer than a regular guitar lead.
  3. Despite buying a new VDI cable recommended on here, it still tends to tangle across the top of the HD500 and catch under the foot pedal. I guess it's stiff because of being solid core. But my question is whether anyone has found a satisfactory way of stopping the VDI cable interfering with and snagging on the HD500? Ideas welcome!
  4. The earlier firmware is louder and the models sound more solid somehow - although they lack some of the subtlety of the 2.0 models. You can always adjust the output volume of each pickup to your taste in Workbench HD.
  5. Sean Halley mentioned on his video on getting good acoustic sounds that they sound better played softly. Tried it and it worked. So I thought I'd try the same principle across other models. And I found that just about every one sounds better and closer to the original models if played gently. As a result I'm trying to adjust my technique slightly. It seems that digging in brings out the worst in the Variax possibly due to the effect on the piezos or possibly the complexity of the harmonics it causes. Does anybody else find this or is it my imagination?
  6. So is there an A/D converter in the Variax that digitises the magnetic pickup sound which is then decoded again in the HD500? I guess it's logical but it never occurred to me?
  7. Reinstalled latest version via Monkey and works fine now. Strange.
  8. I can't work out what's going on! I'm trying to change controller assignments via HD Edit. When I scroll to and select any controller in the Controller screen it flashes up for a moment then returns to the no controller option. This means I can't select a controller to edit. Has anyone else had this problem and - ideally - know how to fix it? Thanks in advance. Andy
  9. Problem solved - it was a hardware issue - internal power cable to main board was loose. Thanks to L6 UK distributor in Derby for prompt repair (and to ebay vendor for arranging it). It's sounding very good now!!
  10. I find I've been using the magnetic pick-ups alone on my JTV-59 more and more. I'm wondering if that's because I'm becoming disillusioned with the modelling as I'm getting more familiar with the tones (I've had the guitar for about six months) or whether it's just that the JTV-59 is rather a good guitar, leaving the modelling aside. So - I'm curious. What do JTV-59 owners think of the electric pick-ups and the guitar in use as a normal electric? Thanks
  11. Try turning your guitar volume down too - that will potentially reduce the amount of distortion in the tone - possibly more than it cuts the volume.
  12. Just bought a used DT25 from a private buyer on ebay in the UK. Looked to be in good condition and worked OK for the five minute demo at the seller's house. But when I tried it at my rehearsal it cut out, the mode lights went out then, after a few seconds it restarted. The same thing has happened several times since. It's as if it's going into standby then cycling back to full on. I've tried resetting the unit but that didn't help. Seller maintains he had no problems with it. By the way, I'm using a filtered power supply board and the problem has occurred both when connected to an HD500 (AES/BEU cable) and when stand alone. Has anyone else had this issue?
  13. thanks - sorry - should have spotted it. New to this forum (though older hand on HD500 and Variax). Cheers.
  14. Uberguru - does a reset restore the original v1 firmware or just reset the presets to the original ones? Thanks in advance
  15. No. If I raised a support ticket every time a piece of my Line6 gear had a glitch it would be a full time job!!
  16. Could someone remind me please which are the "stock" pickups on the ES335 model? I've been fiddling with humbuckers on it but the descriptions on the site talk about it being P90s. I want to check back but (stupidly) haven't saved the original patch to compare. Also interested in comments from anyone who's achieved a sweet Larry Carlton 335 tone because I can't seem to manage it. Thanks in advance.
  17. I've the same issue once or twice in the few months I've had a JTV59. No idea what causes it though. Did the same as you and flicked back and forth once or twice and it sorted itself. Would be annoying on a gig though.
  18. I (mostly) agree with Gear Head. But the Gretsch and Tele are, to my ears, about the most improved - and hence most different. So leave yourself time to adjust to it and/or roll back before playing in public. Also, be sure to follow his advice on settings. 2.0 has very different volume levels for each model so will interact differently with your amp and effects.
  19. I think I would do if I changed to 9's. My bottom E saddle is about as far back as it will go and it doesn't have enough play to allow for lighter strings. I've thought about changing to 9's - having received some free with a cable - but have held off for this reason.
  20. I seem to have this problem too. Played at home during the day, tuner worked fine. Went to a rehearsal tonight and tuner wouldn't work. Screen came up, guitar muted but no tuning bar. Rebooted a couple of times and changed between settings a few times and it came on again. Very odd.
  21. Have a look at Thomann from Germany or other big European suppliers. I bought an "open box" B Stock HD500 fully guaranteed with an option to return if I didn't like it for under £300 sterling a couple of months ago. I'm sure there are still deals around from firms getting rid of old HD500 stocks to make way for 500X.
  22. With all due respect - why do you think it's the pickups? You have a high end guitar with good pickups, but a relatively economical amplifier. Can you get a great sound with that amp with other guitars? If not, I suggest you check out other amps before considering a pick up change. Hope that helps.
  23. Advice? Book some holiday! The combination of JTV and HD500 is awesome and you'll want to spend tons of time with it............
  24. 1. Is anyone using D'Addario 9's on a Korean JTV59. I got a couple of sets free with a cable and am thinking of trying them. The guitar is set for 10's and it looks like the intonation could be an issue on the 6th string if I go lighter. Does anyone on here use them successfully? 2. Only problem with the guitar is a loud click sometimes when pressing the tuning button to switch to positions 2 and 4. It's a bit erratic - sometimes it's loud, sometimes quiet. I can improve it usually by exercising the switch but wonder if anyone else has the issue and has found a solution? Thanks in advance Andy
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