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  1. The best solution for you is probably to create a custom bank and tweak the models within it to the same volume. That won't sort the lag but it will solve half the problem.
  2. I agree with Phil - the 335 sounds more distinct from the Les Paul now (it may be suffering slightly/relatively from the massive improvement in the LP). Otherwise I find the semis have a livelier, and I suspect more authentic, sound than before, based on comparisons with a Tokai 335. Frankly, the jazz models are still a bit weak compared to the real thing - the ES175 especially lacks the magic of the original - but to my taste they are improved. I suspect a lot of the difference in opinions on the models has to do with the way they react differently now to people's amplifiers. Just my two cents worth......
  3. Thanks Gear Head - that was the piece I had in mind. I may have been mistaken about it being the manual.
  4. It is covered at the level you're suggesting in the original Workbench user guide - which is well worth a read. (But any additional specific hints and tips from those in the know are still welcome).
  5. Is it OK to use the old style Variax 300/500/600 power supply to power the JTV via a TRS cable? It seems to work but I'm concerned it could cause damage. Anyone know for certain? Thanks. Loving the firmware update by the way :) .
  6. Just being lazy really.... has anyone checked whether the new models work OK via the old XT Live. I still use mine occasionally and I've never been sure if the sounds, when using the VDI cable, are generated by the Variax or the XT Live. If the former then presumably it will be fine. If the latter- and the XT is not HD compatible - then I guess it won't. Interested to know if anyone's tried it. Thanks PS - loving the new sounds - many more are usable - though I share the view that the strat's not much improved if at all.... but the original was a hard act to follow anyway.
  7. Use the Line 6 Monkey software - you can see the updates on it. I couldn't find them on the web site.
  8. Update to new firmware first then you'll find you can load the 89's pickups (on any of the existing bodies or the new "no body" option) in the new version of Workbench.
  9. Wise. It took three attempts to get the firmware update to take on my 59. No idea why - first couple of times it just gave a "failed, reason unknown, try again" message. Third time, worked fine. Good luck to anyone else going through the process - even if it seems it's turning your guitar into a brick, you will get there in the end!
  10. Getting back on thread.......I'm desperate for Line 6 to get the new models out. I'm not like the patient souls who are happy to wait. I'm irritated that my JTV doesn't sound much better than my old Variax 300 and want the new models to blow the old ones away. And I want it very soon!! Happy to play with beta software or sub sets of models if that's what it takes....
  11. Thanks, that's helped troubleshoot the problem. I've realised it's not actually anything to do with the cable or jack plug themselves but the socket itself seem a little loose in the body. The noise arises when the jack causes slight movement of the socket. I'll try a general tighten up of anything I can get to and see how I get on.
  12. Is it just me or do other people have trouble with microphonic noise from the powered cable when using the adapter and TRS jack cable to power the Variax? Whenever the cable moves I get a kind of crackly noise. It's not too much of a problem as I use the battery most of the time but the adapter is handy if I forget to recharge the battery. I thought at first I must have a faulty TRS cable so swapped it out for a decent Planet Waves one. But that was just the same. I think the adapter I use came originally with an earlier Variax but it works fine with my JTV-59 apart from the cable noise. Have I been unlucky and need to try another cable or is this always an issue with this set up? Thanks in advance....
  13. If the leak is captured in a direct (i.e. not mic) recording then it will be worth posting a sample here. I think everyone else who had this problem - like me - found it was OK when recorded (or amplified really loud enough to absolutely drown out any acoustic sound).
  14. This is almost certainly the common issue that I had and others on here. As Uberguru says - listening back to a recording is the only conclusive test. Sometimes the guitar is so resonant that the acoustic sound even breaks through into headphones!
  15. Jumping back in the thread a bit, I believe the fact that you can't make a 12 string out of the jumbo relates just to the new HD acoustic models. I assume it's because all of the processing power is taken up with the 6 string model. This was specified in the support text for the installation. It should be possible with the older acoustic models.
  16. That is absolutely the only way to tell. I've been amazed at how resonant the JTV-59 is. I have an old Variax 300 as well and playing that in an open tuning through an amp at moderate volume I can't hear the acoustic sound at all. Change to the JTV-59 and you'd swear something was wrong - sometimes it sounds like an out of tune 12 string. Even in headphones it seems to break through a bit. But record it (or wear really well sealed headphones) and it's fine! I'll be interested to hear how you, MrSqueaky, get on.
  17. For Keith Richards you could (virtually) tune the sixth string up to G and the rest to regular open G. That way, if you hit the low E string while doing Rolling Stones impressions it will sound pretty much the same - better for that use than the standard low "D" in open G tuning.
  18. Thanks for the input guys. Capo, especially, is a great idea!
  19. Does anyone have any hints on how to best change the strings on the JTV59. I always try and get a few neat windings on the string tree which means the string needs to be a little long befroe its tightened and needs to be taught so it feeds on neatly. With every other bridge I've used the string has been fixed at the bridge end so it's not a problem. But with the JTV-59 it's loose. I've kinda worked out a way to do it by stretching my hands to do multiple jobs but sometimes the string comes free at the bridge anyhow. Am I missing something simple here?
  20. The acoustic models are great - if played through the right amplification. They don't sound good through a guitar amp (but then nor do acoustic guitars). They sound good via a PA and sound great recorded with a good reverb. That's what I've found anyway.
  21. Reflashing firmware seems to have sorted it out. Thanks for the suggestion.
  22. Fender SuperChamp X2 works well for me. It has one pure valve channel and a second (switchable) with digital emulations of various amps. Great clean tone on valve channel, lots of options on the other. Small enough for a bedroom, loud enough for a moderate rehearsal.
  23. Is it just my JTV-59 or does the open tuning function work less well on the JTV than on the old Variax 300? When I retune a model by more than a couple of frets it sounds like the original untuned note is breaking through into the amplified sound (this is through the amp, not just the odd effect you get from hearing the guitar acoustically). The untuned note is relatively quiet but it gives an almost twelve string effect and makes it unusable. The same thing happens with the baritone model. I still have a 300 so compared it - and that definitely does not have the problem. I don't know if this is a fault or something that everyone's experiencing. Any thoughts?
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