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  1. Is the addition of a second 1x12 cabinet to a DT25 combo worth considering? I don't need any extra volume but I wonder if it might smooth the tone of the amp a bit (though I'm not really sure why it should). Any thoughts?
  2. I had the same problem. It turned out to be a loose internal connection on the power supply. Line 6 UK fixed it for me.
  3. Thanks. I did the last Pod update when it came out but haven't had any trouble since. I'll try the power on suggestion if it recurs.
  4. I may have spoken too soon - though this is pretty weird. I upgraded the JTV this morning no problem. Then using it this afternoon, my HD500 has gone haywire. The screen continuously defaults to the volume/tone control page and the channel volume is permanently stuck at full on. Changing models etc makes no difference, nor does rebooting. Whilst the knobs appear to reduce the volume, the setting reverts to 99% as soon as the control is released (either on the unit or in HD500 Edit). Has anyone seen similar behaviour? EDITED - Just rebooted again and left it longer before powering up. Problem seems to have gone away. Will report further if it re-emerges. EDITED AGAIN - problem came back. Pretty sure it was after I connected the JTV. Rebooting failing to clear the problem. Troubleshooting further. LAST TIME - False alarm. It wasn't connecting the JTV that was the problem but the L6 Link. For some reason the volume control on the DT25 had got stuck on maximum and this was overriding the HD500 and software instructions. Fiddling with the control sorted the problem - for now. I'm terrified of gigging with this rig!
  5. This was a nice surprise this morning. And it worked fine - no issues. All it does is sort a couple of the biggest issues with 2.0 - but that is an entirely good thing. And there don't even appear to be any downsides!
  6. IR=Impulse Response = a method of computer modelling acoustic spaces that is often applied also to modelling speaker cabinets.
  7. A further thought. A lot of people get a better sound by turning the master volume high on the amp and low on the HD500. It seems to wake the tubes up a bit. Then I'd suggest trying the three Soldano (PRE) channels that are modelled. They are all very usable with minimal tweaking and offer a massive palette of sounds between them. Once you get swinging with them, then work outwards to other models you like and downwards into the effects.
  8. Do you like the sounds straight into the DT50? If so, then you have a fighting chance of getting a good sound incorporating the HD500. If not, then I suspect you'll struggle. If you do like it, then work on recreating the basic DT50 sounds via the HD500. That gives a good starting point as well as being a good exercise in itself. Finally bring in the effects on your favourite models. Remember that each amp has massive potential for poor sounds and only a couple of sweet spots - just like real life. Effects are the same and some only sound good with certain amps. Good luck!
  9. Just partially answered my own question. The hiss is only very loud when the output is boosted via the mixer. There's still some noise from the loop (and I'd be interested in suggestions to reduce it further) but it's no longer completely unbearable - more like amp hiss.
  10. I've just tried introducing an effects loop into my HD500 (using with DT25) for the first time. But it's producing a level of hiss that renders it almost unusable. The set up is more or less silent the rest of the time, no matter what settings I use. But this is louder than any "normal" amp hiss. I assumed it must be the gain, so I tried connecting the Loop out to the Loop in - a single wire - and the hiss is just the same. If you reduce the mix setting for the loop the hiss goes down accordingly, so it's definitely being introduced by the loop itself. The dB adjustment for the Send makes no difference, the dB adjustment for the Return amplifies the hiss. I found one other reference to this in an earlier post - but no solution. Has anyone had and fixed this - or any ideas what I might try? Thanks in advance.....
  11. I've just added an Hermida Zendrive to my rig. It sounds great straight into the DT25 but hissy via the Hd500 effects loop. Is anyone else using this pedal successfully with the dream rig? Thanks
  12. Is the sound associated with the action? I found with my JTV-59 that it made a similar jangly noise when I lowered the action. Raised the action a little on the bass side, problem went away. I guessed it was just that the Variax processor was thrown by the odd harmonics from the very slight string rattle and put out its best attempt - which wasn't very good.
  13. Well this is pretty weird and could be coincidental, but I have reflashed the JTV a couple of times recently (vacillating between 1.X and 2.0 firmware) and the switch problem has gone! So, although unlikely, it could have been a software problem.
  14. Yeah - tried it and liked it - thank you. Prefer it with the AC30 TB Pre rather than the J45. I set it to my taste with about 65% drive. Yummy! Thanks to Chris also for suggestion of the EH185. Not as responsive as the Vox but a good sound nevertheless. I don't think its possible to use the sag control with the Pre only settings I like to use with the DT25 unfortunately. Forgot to mention, the Treadplate is actually very responsive if you keep the volume and gain backed off a bit.
  15. I'm having an increasing problem with the magnetic pickup selector switch on my JTV-59. When I switch, the output often drops dramatically (like 70%). It seems worse switching from neck to bridge pickup. It doesn't affect the modelled sounds - no problem there. If I switch it back and forth a couple of times then the pickup kicks in normally. I wonder if it could be a dirty switch and, if so, if there's any reason not to give it a one-off spray of switch cleaner?
  16. There's virtually no hum on my DT25 - I've been pleasantly surprised. That was with the original tubes and a like for like replacement set. Other noise seems no worse than the comparable original amps. Some of it could be the effect of high gain amps on digitised signals (I think the DtoA in my JTV-59 adds digital hiss) but I note others have had trouble even on low gain where mine is effectively silent.
  17. I'd like to build a patch for a DT25 and HD500 combo that really maxes out the responsiveness, so that I can use how hard I play on the guitar to balance a gentle clean tone with quite a full distortion for single lines. A bit like Larry Carlton does - where his amp is highly responsive to his playing dynamics. Any suggestions of starting points for amp & other settings? I'm playing a Gibson Midtown Custom by the way which has Burstbuckers (PAF style humbuckers). I do have a JTV-59 but it's a bit unreliable. I'm not really trying to copy Carlton's tone, more wanting to get the most from that technique. Thanks in advance for your ideas...
  18. I've had the volume issue on my JTV-59 too. Most annoying. Don't expect to have problems with a simple magnetic pickup.....
  19. Same problem I had. Check out the input allocation on that patch. Tuner only works on input 1 - so if you have, say, a Variax connected but "inputs" are specified as Input 1= Guitar, Input 2=Variax, then - even if only the Variax is actually connected it won't show up or register in the tuner. It's totally frustrating if you regularly use both a guitar and a Variax with the HD500. Crazy arrangement!
  20. Have had issues with the tuner only working with input one. I've stood on stage stamping on the HD500 not understanding why the tuner bar won't appear! When it's worked it seems fine for normal use. I use a stand alone cheap unit that shows individual cents on a numbered scale for setting intonation.
  21. The update allows you to programme in the full range of HD500 preamps into the DT rather than just the four in the original firmware. You no longer need an HD500 to get access to those sounds - it is done over midi. If you have an HD500 it's of little benefit as you could get to those sounds via the HD500 anyway. But it's pretty cool if you have specific sounds you want and don't want to go via HD500. To my ears it gives a better sound if you go straight from guitar to DT than if you go via HD500 (less processing?). The update also allows you to change the reverb effect associated with each channel setting (again over midi).
  22. You can only access the additional models in the DT directly by setting them up over midi. You need a computer and midi cables to do this. There are instructions in the manual.
  23. nikoniablue


    That's it. Thanks. Solved.
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