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  1. I am seriously considering switching from Windows to Apple Macintosh. My questions: What are the opinions here of folks that have made the switch? Are you glad you made the switch? Would you do it again? What should I know before I make the switch? Will a laptop work OK for music applications, including recording, or do I need to consider a desktop? I currently use a ASIS/Windows 10 laptop. I will be using the computer for general home office functions as well as music functions, such as Band in a Box, Helix updates, music notation. I will probably end up using it for music recording in the future. Thanks for your help! Jim
  2. Connect the helix outputs (left and right) into the aux in of the THR10x. You will need an adapter to go from the Helix output jacks into the stereo aux input jack of the THR10x. Be careful with the Helix output level. If you turn the Helix output up too high you might exceed the input limit of the THR10x and cause unwanted distortion.
  3. I have had excellent results running my Helix into the effects return of my Mesa 5-25 amp. The trick is to NOT USE the amp models and the cabinet models. DO use the preamp models. I got a wonderful lead sound using the US Small Tweed preamp model. That can get a little flabby on the low strings if you push the gain too much. In that case try lowering the gain and adding some compression ahead of the amp model to get some sustain. I found that using this method, the Tube Screamer model on the Helix sounded close to the sound of my old Tube Screamer. One thing you will notice is that some of the preamp models will distort easily and some you have to turn way up to get any grind. The Divided Duo is an example of one that stays clean. For the cleaner preamps you will need to us an overdrive or distortion model before the preamp model for lead sounds. I'm guessing the Marshall preamp models should get you sounds that are similar to or better than the sounds you got out of your Marshall amp without the Helix. I hope this helps. Jim
  4. Has anyone passed the test yet?
  5. The current pitch shifters in Helix do not work well for any but the simplest chords. For example, any pitch shifted chord that includes a tritone sounds bad. Is it reasonably feasible for the Helix pitch shifters to be improved to the point where any pitch shifted chord sounds good? (Do the pitch shifters in other products, like the H9, pitch shift chords well?)
  6. I uploaded a shimmer preset in CustomTone today. Just search my user name. OT: I keep trying to post CustomTone links here, buy can't get it to work. If someone can point me to a help section for this forum or another source of forum help, I would greatly appreciate it. Jim
  7. I just uploaded two clean patches to CustomTone. Search my name at CustomTone to get the patches. (I can't figure out how to paste the links into this forum. I will work on that later when I have more time.) Jim
  8. Try using Chrome. I always get an error massage when I try to use Explorer. Chrome works for me every time.
  9. Hi Helix folk, Last night was the first time I got to use my Helix in a playing situation with others and it faired very well. The venue was a party in a friend's garage. The other players were bass, guitar and vocals, and an Electronic Valve Instrument. (No drums.) My rig: My new pre-owned Tele Deluxe into the Helix into my Mackie DLM12 FRFR amp/cab. The patches I used I programmed myself. Even in these limited circumstances I learned a few things. Takeaways: I programed the delays and reverbs too dry. I programed the lead and crunch patches with too much gain. It was easy to control my sound (gain and tone) from the volume and tone knobs on my Tele (even though I used a compressor ahead of the amp at a 2:1 ratio). My rig sat in the mix OK with the other instruments. The listeners and the other players thought my rig sounded good. I hope scenes will be a added to the Helix functionality! It will take a while to get a feel for what settings will sound good in a live situation. I am very pleased with the reduction of the weight and complexity of my rig. Overall, I am very pleased with the Helix. Side note: On Friday I finally received my invite from Fractal to purchase an AX8. Too late. Today I replied, "Thanks, but no thanks." Now I just need Line 6 to give us a good Dumble clone model and a good Dumble clone pedal model (Zendrive or Ethos). I am reduced to begging: Please good and merciful people of Line 6, will you pretty please add a Dumble, Dumble clone and/or a Dumble clone overdrive to the Helix, please, please, please? Cheers. Jim
  10. Thank you silverhead and HonestOpinion! I followed your directions and my Helix now updated with all presets intact, and the new editor is up and running.
  11. When I try to export a bundle I get the following error message: "Rreset data from device has invalid formatting." Also, the application locks up and I cannot quit the application. My Helix is running firmware 1.06.5. I am running Helix Application 1.04 on Windows 8.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jim
  12. Try "Twin Harmony" in the Pitch/Synth block.
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