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  1. I am not sure how to do this with Vetta series (i have POD HD Pro) you can make the footcontroller change programs/ adjust functions etc to the amp and then you can make it send a midi out signal.
  2. You can go into the HD pro menu by double tapping the move button. preferably you can use the hd pro edit software by clicking the controller tab and assigning the functions. i use the left as wah or drive and the right as volume. i dont use the toe exp switch but turn effect on/off by assigning to one of FS1-4.
  3. i havent used an mp1 in a while but you can tell it go to program # on ada and that will be program ? on pod. the advantage is mp1 program is that 1 does not have to equal 1. You can tell it to send message 1 and that can be 128 on ada but still 1a on pod.
  4. i would recommend using the computer to start this process using 2 screens. pulling up gearbox on 1 and hd edit on the other. i think that is a faster process than bending over turning through each screen of the xt.
  5. try sending from guitar to pod then to amp. or from guitar to amp then send/ receive to the pod. i think you are looping back wrong.
  6. I use a pod xt live and love the metal pack. you can get tremendous gain and use the gate to prevent dead notes.
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