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    FBV pedal causes hum with Amplifi 150

    gate settings???
  2. richardroi

    Spider V tones to Amplifi

    Confirmed: New remote app update will fix this.
  3. richardroi

    Spider V tones to Amplifi

    I was trying to load Spider V tones from cloud to my Amplifi 150 but I am having issues. Error Loading if I remember it correctly. Is it doable or it is just not compatible with Amplifi? Thank you!
  4. richardroi

    Spider V tones to Amplifi

  5. richardroi

    Amplifi remote issues

    "Also in the app menu.... the tuner and level is grey and I can't use them." ---- the app is not connected to the hardware Please take a look at your running applications and close the app remote, and then reopen and connect it again.
  6. richardroi

    ios 9.3

    is ios 9.3 ok with amplifi 150? thank you!!!
  7. richardroi

    ios 9.3

    WORKING!!! thanks guys!
  8. richardroi

    ios 9.3

    line6! Can you please confirm...
  9. richardroi

    ios 9.3

    no one tried yet?
  10. richardroi

    Has anyone gigged this thing yet?

  11. richardroi

    Disable Auto Tone Load Doesn't Work - Slow Song Load

    Click Support>Technical Support>Contact Support>Open a Support Ticket>Support Tickets
  12. richardroi

    Disable Auto Tone Load Doesn't Work - Slow Song Load

    Me also is having this issue. Opening a ticket will be a faster fix. :)
  13. "I am not sure why you are seeing a 2 sec lag. I do have the FBV MKII and switching between any of the presets A, B, C, D are instantaneous. Even going between Banks is fast once you select it. It sounds to me like you have another issue." Hi sdzimmerman! Line6 confirmed it in this thread on my open ticket! I believe even the amplifi FX100 is experiencing it also.
  14. What pisses me off is on line6 website it says Compatible with Line 6 FBV MkII Foot Controllers"! Its been a year that AMPLIFI was out on the market and they did not notice it? They didn't test it very well. Or maybe they did but cannot fixed it or maybe they thought nobody will noticed it! Its just unfair! Hi Moderato! Do you have FBV MKII? The delay is just annoying(2 secs). How can I practice precisely and enjoy playing with my band?
  15. "Richard, Thanks for your ticket inquiry and comments. After testing the unit here in the support office, we found this is an aspect of the unit's processing speed, and cannot be changed. We apologize if you're having issues with live situations, and will let you know if any solutions are reached in the future. We appreciate your business and hope you'll continue to enjoy Line 6 products. Kind regards,Jason-Line 6 support" Hi FacePush! I believe this is not a cable issue! They did test the unit on their end. AMPLIFI is not READY for ROCKNROLL! In my opinion! Now how can I sell this POS!
  16. Guys! If you have ideas need some help here!!! We better help L6 for our sake!
  17. richardroi

    AMPLIFi 75 & Win 7 (64bit)

    Maybe this will help. They have video tutorials also on this forum.
  18. im having connection lost also. have to kill the app for it to connect again. this is on my ipad wifi also.
  19. richardroi

    New version is available

  20. richardroi


    Me also! Every time I open a new session!
  21. richardroi

    Line 6 and the Lack of Communication

    Line6 should stop selling this POS amplifi! Do they have future plans for amplifi if IOS and Androids keep on updating and they can't cope up? I have 150 and shortboard MKII with DUST!!! RECALL this F@*kin Amp! or give us somethin in exchange!!! :angry:
  22. richardroi

    amplifi on gigs/ practice

    hi guys! anyone here used amplifi on gigs/ practice? any videos? I never seen one in actually stage with a real band behind it!!! rocknroll