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  1. Has anyone tried this with their Vetta? Looking to replace my stock Vetta speakers with these. Wondering if it will be an improvement.
  2. Well, I thought I was able to resolve but it is still happening. This time I had Edit connected when I ran into the problem and was able to see what the error message was. It says, "The Helix device failed to recall the snapshot data properly." After researching the actual error message, it seems like this issue has been around since 2.81: https://line6.com/support/topic/49417-the-helix-device-failed-to-recall-snapshot-data-properly/
  3. I think I may have solved my own issue. Bottom line is I re-flashed using L6 Updater, not Edit. I suggest trying this if your Helix has any quirky behavior, especially if your last update using Edit experienced a Boot Failure. 1. Download the latest firmware 2. Check and ensure the hash matches (Google...) 3. Put the Helix in Update Mode and flash using L6 Updater 4. Factory reset using FS9+FS10 (or applicable knobs for Rack)
  4. I could not find anything about this after doing a quick search here, but my LT seems to exhibit this weird behavior when using spillover mode. I am on 3.01 and I am using the snap/preset footswitch layout. I can change presets without issues. But when I am changing scenes, the sound changes but footswitch LED seems to be stuck with the last chosen scene. The color display screen does not update either. However, when I move the joystick (just move it randomly, like moving a mouse to wake up a computer screen), the footswitch LED updates and goes to the correct scene.
  5. Is it possible to play through both the AES input and XLR analog input at once when using two sources? For example Helix in AES and modeler 2 in analog ins?
  6. "Snapshot Toggle—The new Global Settings > Preferences > Snapshot Reselect parameter determines whether pressing the current Snapshot footswitch reloads that snapshot ("Reload", the default) or toggles between it and the previously selected snapshot ("Toggle Prev")" I know 2.80 has not been released yet, and I may be asking too much. But in the future (2.81 maybe), I wonder if it is possible for this feature to switch to a "snapshot + 4" instead of just previous snapshot. For example: First press of snapshot 1 would recall snapshot 1, obviously. Second press of snapshot 1 would recall snapshot 5. First press of snapshot 2 would recall snapshot 2. Second press of snapshot 2 would recall snapshot 6. So on and so forth... Of course this would only work for my use case of four snaps plus stomp. lol =)
  7. If I had an external mic pre, I probably would just use the mic input to save the loops for other things. I'd ensure that the global settings are set properly, i.e. mic gain set to 0, phantom off, etc. Yeah you probably would need that pad.
  8. Using a Helix rack here and control. When a loop is playing at half-speed, moving an effects block around the looper plays the phrase at full speed even though the display says half speed. Pressing 1/2-full button to say "full" then pressing it back again to say 1/2 speed returns it to normal (normal in this case is half speed). edit: I'm on 2.50
  9. Awesome! Just the information I was looking for. Thank you.
  10. Anyone know a replacement Vetta power switch part number? I've already scoured Full Compass to no avail... Thanks!
  11. prefixing seems to be a common workaround so i'll try that. but yeah, I never would have thought of using a 1x12 cab with a 4x12 and a heavy amp until this incident... IR roulette is fun.
  12. Is there a trick I don't know about when exporting IRs so that when I import them back they will retain their preset location? I just lost their original location when I did an import. Ironically, the IRs in the new location sound better than what I originally had there. LOL.
  13. If you're coming from an 'amp in a room' sound then going to FRFR or PA, you probably just need to get adjusted to how it sounds. I had to greatly adjust to the sound of a Helix and a Mission Gemini 2 compared to an amp and a Mesa 212. I did have to make EQ adjustments applied to the 1/4" outs only going to the Gemini and I tried to make the Gemini sound close as I could with my studio monitors without any EQ applied.
  14. I actually have had an MFC-101 before getting the Helix Rack and Controller. I would hold off on getting the rack controller until L6 has implemented 'switch grouping' which to me is badly needed due to preset switching latency on the Helix. The MFC is good but somewhat limited as far as the number of CC messages per channel sent per IA switch. I've actually been looking in to a mid-size RJM MMGT or mid-size FAMC but I have not pulled the trigger as I'm waiting to see if L6 can implement it within the next few months or so.
  15. you'll probably have to use two separate input paths then combine them using the A/B block.
  16. try playing with the guitar impedance in the global setting...
  17. I have the rack, controller, and Gemini 2 active. The gemini has a peak between 3-4 khz which is fairly pronounced. I have to use the global eq to sculpt out the frequencies which doesn't sound natural. Thankfully it's pretty easy with the way the global eq responds. I only apply it to the 1/4" outs that feeds the gemini because if i feed it to the xlr as well, the eq doesnt sound right coming out of my studio monitors. The gemini is also loud. Do get the one with Bluetooth, and don't worry about the fan of the live version. It's audible but not too bad. The reviews below paint a fairly accurate picture. http://www.scuffhamamps.com/forum/5-the-lounge/7248-mission-gemini-2-frfr-cab-first-impressions http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/sep15/articles/mission-gemini-2.htm Overall I'm really impressed with both the Helix and Gemini. I have mine directly hooked up to my audio interface for recording/reamping. If I want a live sound, I just turn on the Gemini.
  18. For those who have an external effects with MIDI, and you use the Helix as a MIDI pedalboard: when you set the Helix's MIDI base to OMNI, does it still change the preset on your external gear?
  19. Sorry but I don't have the capability to connect my Helix to my PC at the moment in order for me to view MIDI data using MIDI OX. My other device is an older Rocktron Patchmate that is set to MIDI ch1. It's a pretty straight forward device and I don't think that it is the issue. Its MIDI in connected directly from the MIDI out of the Helix. If the Helix MIDI channel is set to 1 and I change patches from the Helix using the preset wheel, the Rocktron changes presets along with the Helix. But if I set the MIDI channel to OMNI, the Rocktron does not change preset. It doesn't make sense to me that the Rocktron responds to the Helix on channel 1 but not OMNI.
  20. To you guys who have the rack, can you try to set your midi base ch to Omni and try to send PC messages to an external device please (using midi cables)? Does the other device receive the PC command? I'm having a weird issue with my helix rack and I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm doing something wrong. When I send PC command on a specific channel, it seems to go out fine. But when I set it to Omni, it doesn't seem to send the PC. Midi cables are fine; the other device is fine. I also sent a support ticket already but I thought I'd see if you guys have it too. Any ideas?
  21. I think another workaround could be the ability to group switches. It doesn't solve the lag, but it gives more flexibility while staying in one preset. The number of effects available would be limited compared to switching to another preset, but I'll take that as a compromise for now.
  22. Don't know if it's been mentioned before, but I've seen a lot of complaints about patch change lag and a lack of scenes capability. If the footswitch can be "grouped" to where pressing one switch out of a group of three or four will only activate that switch and disable the other, that feature can be really useful.
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