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  1. I have the same issue with the HD500X tuner, I have a BOSS TU-12EX and a Korg DTR-2 tuner, the Boss and Korg are dead on to each other, when i use the onboard tunner it is off #, yes the onboard pod is set to 440HZ, I also tune to B, C#, and D, with the same issue.
  2. What effect would it have if you put the mixer at the front of the signal chain
  3. Did you ever get the 4CM method to work before the head phone issue. Make sure you have added the FX block to your signal chain. plug your guitar into Guitar Input on POD, connect FX send to your amp input, connect your amp's preamp out to POD's FX Return (Left/mono), connect POD's 1/4" Out (Left/mono) to your amp's power amp in
  4. Before I had the EQ going through the FX loop of my amp, and the distortion was connected to the the front input of my amp with the POD after it, I want to be able to have effects post and pre amp ablity now, so I am trying to setup the 4cm method, I have it working, I am just not sure where to add the eq and distortion now
  5. Ok I am running the 4cm setup 1. I have a boss mt-2 that i want to use for my distortion pedal, where would I add it into the single chain, 2. where would i add an external rack eq also in the single chain
  6. I use my distortion first in the single chain, set your first effects block to FX, you will need two patch cables to go from FX send to FX return on the pod with your pedal in the chain, and set the switch on the back of the pod to stomp.
  7. I wouldnt call it tone suck but some unwanted tones, remember the POD is an amp modeler your amp will color the tone, the POD is not a plug and play device when used direct to the front of a amp. Output set to combo amp front switch set to amp POD left 1/4 out to eq input ART HD-15 EQ eq output to front of amp Marshall MG100DFX
  8. 1X12 solid state, very bass-heavy, the amp would just rumble playing any drop tuning, standard tuning wasn't as bad. I play a lot of Drop C# and B
  9. I have run it direct to the FX return, but there was so much bottom end I could not dial/eq it out with the POD's eq's, I could setup good tones at low volume but as soon as I turned it up the boom and fizz came back, I am using the EQ's left channel through the FX loop and the EQ's right channel is direct to the front of the amp, with the POD direct to the right channel input, I can switch between the FX loop mix or direct to the front of the amp, I am having better results not using the FX loop. With the 15 bands of eq and with the low cut pass and high cut pass filters it knocks out the unwanted fizz and boom.
  10. After adding the ART HD-15 EQ I have been able to cut out a lot of the unwanted tones and create the best tone i have tried so far using the solo-100 clean amp model direct to the front of my Marshall MG100DFX. Adding the EQ opened up a new world with the POD. POD HD 500X direct to EQ then direct to front of the amp http://artproaudio.com/downloads/owners_manuals/om_hd15.pdf
  11. Running the POD direct to an amp or the FX loop of the amp has such a different tone effect then running it into to a monitor or PC making it a a lot harder to dial in the tone. It would be nice to have a forum just based on running the POD direct to your amp or FX loop of your amp to see what kind of results others are getting by just using a TUBE AMP or SOLID STATE AMP I added have added a ART HD-15 EQ to the FX loop of my amp and run the POD direct into the front of my Marshall
  12. FX return power amp only, no 4cm.
  13. What parameters within the amps and cab are you adjusting.
  14. There are several post that explain EQ settings, what to cut what to boost how to remove fizz and so on, having a good ear is key, my ears are not so good anymore, years of loud music have taken a toll on my ears, I like to see the actual settings that the POD HD500X users are using for different tones, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Clean, Rock, I find it easier to dial in the settings then listen to the tone and compare for a starting point. I run my POD500X direct to the FX loop on the AMP. Tone Metal, Blues, Rock, Clean EQ Type EQ All/Settings Location of EQ
  15. Nice, thank you, will come in handy
  16. Have you tried the 4CM setup. it allows you to send parts of your effects to the FX loop of your AMP, and some direct to the front of your AMP.
  17. I have just started running my POD directly into a Marshall DSL100H and a Valvestate 2000 50watt, left 1/4 out to the DSL100H right 1/4 out to the Valvestate, both to the front of the AMP's, POD output set to stack combo front, I am using the POD just as a FX unit, you can use the AMP modeling but your amp will change the coloring of the tone, its possible but you will have to tweak the amp model so your not over driving the tone causing cliping
  18. Yes you can use external pedal, you have to add a FX block to your signal chain, but you can only control the chain with one foot switch because you will be running it through the FX loop of the POD so the signal chain is on or off, as Gear Head said you would have to turn on and off each pedal in the chain of external pedals you use, you can only turn on and off the FX block/signal chain.
  19. Bill is correct, where ever the arrow is when you save your patch is where it will stay
  20. Thank You for the advice
  21. Lets say I find the spot around 75% and dial back the gain, then again at 85% and dial back the gain will the effect only be applied to the 75 and 80 spot and not have an effect on the rest of the freq range
  22. What Freq band should I start at with the eq to cut out the high fizz
  23. Ok. I am by no means a sound guy but would like some advice on how to get rid of the unwanted fizz and the low end rumble, I play nothing but metal. I mainly use the TreadPlate with the 4X12 Tread V-30 or XXL, I use the dual amp setup, always starting out with a noise gate in the first FX block. My hardware is a Marshall 100MG DFX and a Marshall ValveState 2000 30, the POD HD500X is directly hooked to the FX loop on both amps, and the POD is set to Line/Direct, I can get great metal tones but have a hard time getting rid of the fizz and low end rumble, I play a lot of Drop C and B tuning. So I am looking for some good eq starting point and which eq would work the best.
  24. Thank You Line 6 Great job with the new firmware updates and the metal amp pack, Thank You Line 6 B)
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