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  1. I've been trying to round out the guitar collection to cover all the bases, humbucker, p90s, tele sounds, all of that. I was toying with the idea of getting a JTV59 to just model everything and be done with it but I've also really wanted an LP-like shape with Fishman Fluence vintage pickups in it. Has anyone tried to change out the magnetic pickups in a JTV59? What do the electronics look like? All proprietary PCB, or could I rip out the pickups, wire in the Fluences and still use the piezo/Variax side of it?
  2. Love the board! Looks like so much overkill in the best possible way. Just curious, I tend to give the helix covers everything I need from an effects perspective, what made you add everything on the right side?
  3. Looks like you and me have the exact same needs and rig. Love the ingenuity, thanks for all the help!
  4. I was looking at the Temple boards for a long time, but couldn't find a size that wasn't too big or small. I didn't know they did custom sizes, might need to look into that.
  5. The outboard is exactly what I was thinking of lately, maybe getting a couple of Morton boards and strapping them together to make the Aeros and beatbuddy line up with the angle of the Helix, and maybe adding an expression pedal and a Jackson Audio Broken Arrow. Question, so you said you run everything through midi via the Helix. Does that include the beatbuddy and eventually the Aeros? How do you logic it: snapshot changes = song part change?
  6. I'm looking to build my first pedal board around the helix floor, all one single unit. It'll include a Beatbuddy and an Aeros from Singular Sound, a Sennheiser wireless unit, and a couple of other things, but those three along with the helix are causing me issues in terms of power. Is there a power supply out there that can handle 2x 9v 500ma outlets, 1x 9v 300ma, and includes an outlet plug for the helix? Or if not, what do you all do to power the helix in your boards?
  7. I saw in the Helix floor manual that the 1024 sample version of IR's will save DSP and will "fade out the IR hallway through." What does that mean? And more importantly, what's the tonal difference between the 2 sample sizes? I feel like my ear can hear a difference but I'm not sure what exactly it is.
  8. I'll add, the only way I've been able to beat is when, let's say I want the level of an EQ to go up to provide volume during a solo, I assign the controller footswitch to the level and the min/max immediately goes to -60dB/+12dB, I have to edit the max first and then the min. Otherwise the on/off phase of the footswitch will be backwards from from what I want.
  9. I can verify. It get's kind of annoying to have a "Solo" button, but your parameters turn down when your overdrives turn on.
  10. Has anyone reamped with the Helix in Tracktion Waveform 8 (might be the same as 10). I've got my two guitar tracks (regular and dry), I just can't figure out how to set the outputs to send those tracks back to the helix.
  11. I know literally nothing about electricity aside from how to solder a bit. But I was wondering, is it possible to power a Helix floor unit (yes the big one, not the stomp or FX), with a normal pedal board power supply? Like a Strymon zuma or a one spot? I realize you'd need an IEC to 9V plug adaptor, but I'm more wondering about the current and amps.
  12. I've had my Helix floor for a couple of years now and it's amazing. For background, I was a guitarist for a church for years and I completely sold off my traditional head/cab/rack rig once I got it. Can't beat not having to pull around 200lbs of gear and still getting the same tone. That said, I've moved states, I'm thinking about joining up with an touring group, and I honestly just want more gear. Problem is, I can't think of anything that the Helix doesn't already do well. What pedals have you added to your pedal board on top of your Helix that was worth while? I go back and forth between adding a looper (because I don't like that I have to go down 2 menu levels to get to it live), or maybe a backup rig on the same board (amp in the box pedal, cab sim, some drives and effects), that I could also integrate into my Helix patches.
  13. I have a Helix standard floor unit and was wondering what the best way to get my jam tracks from my phone (android) through the helix is? When I'm at the desk I'll plug in the computer through USB and that works great, but a phone only has 1/8in out. Maybe 1/8in to SPDIF? Does Helix's SPDIF take audio for tracks, or does it convert to signal input?
  14. I have a helix floor and a G10 for wireless. Suits all my needs, and the Helix backpack makes it super easy to carry everything around. Granted, I'm only doing small church gigs, but I'm the quickest in and out, can carry my entire rig and guitars on my back and hand, and still have a hand free for a drink ðŸ˜
  15. I should also mention, I'm using Windows.
  16. Just ordered my Helix, super excited about it. I saw that it can be used as a recording interface, so I'm contemplating a makeshift home studio. What do you use for your DAW? I helped mix my band's demo 7 years ago on Pro Tools, but nothing since, so treat me like I know nothing. Also, is there any other equipment that's really necessary to record at home with the Helix? I have some decent studio headphones, but not sure if I need anything else.
  17. Does that only bring in one side of the audio, or does it bring in both sides?
  18. I know the Helix LT doesn't have an Aux In to plug in a media player like the regular Helix or my old Pod HD500X. I love using my Pod as a practice unit, jamming over tracks I know when I plug my cell phone into it. Is there any other creative way to make audio go through a Helix LT, or do I have to spend another $500 for the regular Helix just to get that functionality?
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