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  1. Thanks, at least I know I'm not just overlooking something simple.
  2. No, I'm definitely interested in getting the best, most authentic tones and using the best settings for getting those authentic tones. After reading the manual regarding this setting, it seemed to me that auto would be best, but being new to PODs in general, I wasn't positive, so I appreciate the info.
  3. alienux

    Probleme Hd 300

    Are you using headphones with a 1/4" connector, or are you using an adapter to go from 1/4" to an 1/8" plug on your headphones? If you have an adapter, it could be causing that. I have some 1/4" to 1/8" adapters that have a little play in them and if I use one, it sometimes causes noise.
  4. Thanks. I actually ended up doing a factory reset for a different reason, and after doing that, mine is set to 1M on every preset. I wonder if that either doesn't reset with the settings or if the firmware I have has a different default (I'm using 1.20).
  5. Could someone tell me the default setting on page three of System Setup for the Guitar In-Z setting? I was messing with some of the settings and didn't pay attention to what it was before I started turning it, and I'd prefer not to do a system reset just for that. The advanced manual makes me think the default is 1M, but I'd like to be sure.
  6. So I still can't find any options for managing presets I've uploaded except for "delete." I guess that the comment and other detail fields are something that used to work but no longer do.
  7. What is the software you're using to record with? Whatever it is, check to make sure that your recording device in the software is set to the POD and not the computer mic or something else. Also, check the level of the input in the software and also make sure it's armed for recording. I use Acoustica Mixcraft, which is pretty straightforward in those areas and I always get plenty of volume.
  8. I saw a thread here recently stating that there are issues with the CustomTone part of the site not allowing you to click on your tone name to get to the details. I've figured out how to get the "Tone Details" screen for a tone I just uploaded, but once there, the only option I have is "delete." I'd like to add comments and a link to a sample of the sound I uploaded to I was not given the option to add the comment while uploading, and now that the upload is done, I can't see how to add a comment after the fact. Am I just missing something simple, or is that functionality not working?
  9. I don't remember saying that was a sale, but I'm glad I looked again yesterday. When I saw that Amazon LLC had dropped their price to $395 yesterday to match Best Buy's price, I called them up and was able to get them to refund $40 back to me.
  10. I didn't approach it like that, but strangely enough, while I was listening, I *thought* the better sounding ones (to my ears) were the real pedals (and chose accordingly) and those were the ones I turned out to be wrong on. So for the most part, I liked the POD tones better, too.
  11. And now, 2 hours later, it's back to $499 on Amazon, but still $395.98 on Amazon's prices sometimes seem to go up and down based on which "marketplace" vendor happens to have their price displayed and depending on how many have recently sold. Edit: Just looked again and if you go to the "More buying choices" on the right of the product page, Amazon has now lowered their price to $395.98.
  12. I missed most of them, but I'm listening on cheap speakers at work so I don't know if the differences would be more noticeable with better PC speakers or not.
  13. I just bought one for $434 from Amazon about a week ago. It went back up to $499 5 minutes after I ordered mine, although it had been at $434 for a week. had it at $434 for 2 weeks before Amazon did, and 2 days after I ordered mine from Amazon,'s price dropped to $395. Right now as I type this, it's $476 on Amazon and $395.98 on
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