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  1. Here's mine. Where the 8th inch lines kind of come closer to the black bands on yours, they are more on the outside of mine.
  2. Brazzy, do you remember where you purchased your gold colored adapter, or who makes it? I've purchased some from Amazon, from ebay, and from Radio Shack and have yet to find one that works correctly when I plug it in all of the way.
  3. I have 3 or 4 different headphone adapters, and they all do this. Sometimes I have to have the actual adapter slightly out of the headphone jack on the POD, and sometimes I have to have the 1/8" headphone plug slightly out of the female end of the adapter.
  4. Did you re-calibrate the pedal after updating? I had this happen once and it was because the volume pedal was out of calibration after the update and was just calibrated to a volume of zero. Re-calibrating corrected it in my case.
  5. I agree with edstar1960 that it most likely has to do with not having enough mids when you are playing in a mix with other instruments. If you have your bass/mids/treble set properly for a band mix, it will sound nasally when you play without a band and at lower volumes. If you don't like that for practicing, you might want to create 2 different sets of patches; 1 for practice and 1 for live playing.
  6. I probably do this the least efficient way in regards to usage of physical pedal/switch space, but I start with good solid mids for my rhythm preset, then I copy the same patch but add an "L" to the end of the name on the next footswitch, but increase the volume of the amp slightly and often add some compression (and occasionally chorus). That way I have enough presence from the high mids and lower treble/bass settings for both rhythm and lead, but still get a nice clean boost for solos.
  7. How are your presence and treble controls set? I find that too much (especially presence) can give a "mosquito attack" sound. Not enough mids can contribute to this too, and too much gain in a live mix can sound buzzy at performance volumes.
  8. It's never worked for me, not matter what browser I use. I don't even get anything highlighted. My only option is "delete," which works, but that's it.
  9. Don't forget the "Ain't Talkin" channel. :D
  10. I was actually looking at the KRK Rokit 5 last night and thought it looks like a good fit. I do like the look and description of the Behringer Studio 50USB, too, and like that it has 2 speakers for stereo. Thanks for all of the suggestions. All of these look like better options than the MS-16s without having to spend to much more.
  11. Thanks, I'll take a look at the MA-8s, too.
  12. I have a Crate PA system with 2 tower speakers that I keep in my basement that I use for tweaking my patches on my 500X. However, for general practicing, I keep my 500X upstairs and either practice using combo/front mode into my Peavey amp or just by using some PC speakers hooked up to the headphone jack. Since I've got the Create PA system for patch testing with FRFR, I'd like to get a fairly inexpensive set of powered monitors to get a better sound upstairs when I'm up there practicing. The POD sounds great through my amp, but I don't always want to change output mode and flip the amp/line switch when moving back and forth between the amp and the other setups. I also don't want really big monitors upstairs, which is why I keep my PA in the basement. These seem to get decent reveiws: Has anyone used these with a POD or had any experience with these powered monitors? Or are there any recommendations for something in the same price range and size that would be better?
  13. I do the same thing. Much more accurate than doing it by ear.
  14. I got it right, but I think I just got lucky since I could have really gone either way.
  15. I'll second the recommendation for Reaper. It's a great DAW. I was luck enough to get a free copy with the purchase of my Peavey Vypyr VIP II amp. I'd also recommend taking a look at Acoustica Mixcraft. I just recorded a new song using version 6, which you can fully try out for free. I'm really impressed with it.
  16. Good info to have, even for anyone not having the issue, but in case it ever creeps up.
  17. That post was especially enjoyable to me because I read the last 2 sections in Yosemite Sam's voice :lol:
  18. Yeah, when I first got mine, I would sometimes accidentally plug into the EXP1 jack because the placement of it just looks like it's where the guitar input should be. I'd definitely check to these things silverhead mentioned, especially the inputs settings.
  19. I've never been able to add comments or anything after uploading tones, regardless of what browser or platform I use. I only have the option to delete. It's been that way for some time. There have been a few threads about this where a few people said they could add comments, but it still isn't working for many people. I opened a ticket with Line6 support awhile back and they said that they are aware of the issue and were having it looked at, but it's been several months with no change.
  20. You really want your mids to be much higher than base and treble for live playing, otherwise it sounds really thin in the mix, but I agree, 100% mids with 0 treble and 0 bass is a bit much. Depending on the amp model, I generally go with around 75% - 85% on the mids and between 40% and 50% with bass and/or treble to get a full, thicker sound that isn't lost behind the keyboards and bass.
  21. Yeah, I got his HD500 patches and imported them into my HD500X awhile back, but I had to change the file extensions from .h5e to .5xe so I could import them. And honestly, once I imported them, they sounded terrible with the rest of my gear. I even tried using them at practice once to see if they sounded better with the mix, and everyone, including myself, thought they sounded bad. Instead, I created my own patch that I think works great for Lincoln Brewster songs. I've had a couple of people here ask me for it after listening to it when looking for LB patches. You can hear a clip of me using it here: And if you like it, you can download it here: Just keep in mind that with a different guitar, different speakers, and other factors, you still may need to make some adjustments to get any downloaded patches to sound like you want them to with your equipment.
  22. The wobblyness is normal so that's nothing to worry about, but as others have said, taking it apart or spraying it with electrical contact cleaner might be a good start to trying to fix the non-working side.
  23. Cool. I'm a huge Vai fan, so I look forward to watching this. Thanks for sharing.
  24. It works OK in Firefox. If you're using IE and don't want to change, you could always try running this specific forum in compatibility mode to see if it helps.
  25. alienux

    Violin effect

    I've been wondering about something like this too, so I'm going to give some of these a try, too. My Vypyr VIP II has a violin emulator and although I rarely use it, it would be nice to have on the HD500X for a couple of Christmas songs we do.
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