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  1. I actually think I got the script phase sounding more like what I expected it to. On the particular patch I was adding it to this time, I hadn't change the Input 2 to Variax instead of "same." Doing that seems to have helped. Setting InputZ to 1M helped some, too. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try to post the latest patch I'm trying to add it to later when I get home. I'll also see how the InputZ setting affects it.
  3. I'm not sure why, but whenever I add the Script Phase to any of my patches, the sound of the patch becomes very dull, almost muffled. I can hear the phase effect, but the sweep ranges from dull to more dull. There's only one control, which is speed, so I know I'm not missing a setting on the script phase itself, and the dull sound happens at any speed. I've also tried it in every position from front of the chain to post distortion, to post amp, and while I sounds slightly better in some positions, it still has a significant muffling effect on any patch I try to use it with. I've used real phaser pedals going into real amps in the past and never noticed anything like this, so I'm kind of baffled. I've got a patch or two from CustomTone that use the script phase and they sound OK, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. What settings can I look into that may be causing this?
  4. Weird. Mine didn't work for almost a year, then all of a sudden a month or two ago, I could edit the info on my uploaded tones and mine is actually still working right now.
  5. I thought this happened to me a few weeks ago, but what had actually happened (which I realized later) was that I had accidentally hit the bank switch button to the left when I meant to disable an effect with FS1. With the bank switch engaged, when I thought I was picking patch C in the same bank, I actually picked patch C in the next bank, which was nothing like the patch I was intending to switch to. Other than that, which was my own fault, I've never had my HD500X do anything like that.
  6. Hmmmm, not sure about this 2.61 update. I haven't seen too many posts about problems updating to 2.60, but I don't think I've seen one report where someone didn't have trouble with 2.61.
  7. You could test this by making a recording using your phone or something similar when you first turn it on, and then later when you think the tone has changed, make another recording with the same device from the same spot. Later, when your ears have had time to rest, listen to both recordings one right after the other. This should tell you if there really is a difference or if it's just perceived.
  8. The Fred is sold as a medium output pickup, but I'm sure your right about it being hotter than EVH's pickup at the time. The default gain on this amp model is I think somewhere around 45% (I can't remember for sure and I'm not near my equipment right now). That seems lower than a lot of other amp models percentage-wise, but even at below 50% this model is much more gain heavy than many others. I've started tweaking from the defaults used in the clip and I currently have the gain down to about 22-25% and I'm thinking about bringing it down slightly more. I also changed the input settings to guitar/variax and it helped.
  9. Yeah, I definitely won't be using it live without the tweaks I mentioned above. But like I said, my Vypyr II had the same exact out of the box fizzy sound for the 5150 (actually 6505 and 6534 versions) and I was able to tweak it to get a really good live tone. I'm hoping to use that as a guide to get this to the same sound or better.
  10. I'm using a Dimarzio Fred in the bridge position in for this clip.
  11. I'm very happy with the way the HD 5150 amp has turned out. It's my favorite amp model on my Peavey Vypyr II amp, and it's now probably going to be my favorite on my HD500X. Having said that, it definitely needs some tweaks and adjustments to get a usable sound. To my ears, the default settings have way too much mosquito buzz and a little too much low end, but to be honest, the exact same is true with the 5150 model on my Vypyr amp, so I believe that those are just characteristics of the actual amp (but I've not played on a real 5150, so my experience is limited to modelers). I purposely recorded this clip with the default settings of the amp model to give an idea of the sound without any adjustments. The only exceptions are that I increased the mids about 12%, I added plate reverb and I added tape echo. Also, I did not add drums or bass when recording to let the guitar be fully heard. So, all of the items that to me need tweaked are still present in this clip, so you'll hear too much buzzyness. But again, this is purposely to give a demo of the raw sound of the amp without much tweaking. I plan on doing an A/B comparison with my Vypyr 5150 settings, which I have set the way I like, to get this more in line with that. Lowering the gain, lowering the presence, reducing the bass and treble a little, and a few other things should get this amp model sounding pretty good. Edit: I also meant to say that for this clip, I did not change the input settings to guitar/variax instead of guitar/same, so changing that may help, too.
  12. Very cool. I've had to switch to mandolin a few times (for a song called Build Your Kingdom Here) and have always just mic'd direct into the PA, but after reading this, I may try going through the HD500X. I like the idea of putting some subtle timing effects on it.
  13. Yep, that's what I do. Now that I use a power strip to turn it on and off, my only gripe is that the laptop style power connector seems like it could wear out or that the pin could break from having to unplug it so much when traveling with it, so I wish it had a standard PC type power connector, or at least something a little stronger than what it does have.
  14. This might help
  15. The TS110A is the same FRFR speaker I've been using for a few months now, and I love it more now than when I first got it. It really is a great sounding monitor at a great price and has helped me to get tones at home that closely match what I get plugged into a PA.
  16. I never thought about it, but now that you mention it, I can definitely hear what you mean :P
  17. Heh, when I used to play this as a teenager, there was actually an extra little lick that basically was a direct quote (musically speaking) of some of Gimour's playing using delay on The Wall, but I took it out for this recording because it was just too similar. Thanks for the tip on the pitch glide. I'll give that a try. Even though I'm not a bass player, I do record this way for my own tracks, and anything to get a better sound is appreciated.
  18. Interesting, I was thinking I had the bass too high and that I need to go back and dial it down a few notches. I have the drums set to -11dB compared to the guitar at 0. Thanks for the feedback, though. I'll probably do some mixing adjustments and I'll take that into consideration.
  19. Great stuff, and I agree, the info on using the PEQ that way is very helpful.
  20. This is a song I wrote when I was probably 15 or 16 years old, but never actually recorded (other than just by putting a tape recorder next to my amp). I decided to put it to a drum track and see how it turned out. The patch I used is a Gibtone 185 with the gain controls set around medium and using nothing but some plate reverb and a digital delay (and a Noise Gate at the front). The drum track is from a website that provides free drum loops, and the bass was just me improvising using my guitar and the HD500X with the Flip Top bass amp and the bass octaver effect. The track is here if you're interested in hearing it: I originally wrote the song using a Crate G120C amp with a Digitech Digital Delay pedal (which I still had until about a year ago, and I regret selling it even with all of the built in delays on the POD and on my Vypyr). The original settings on that gear were for playing Van Halen's Cathedral, but I ended up making my own song using the same settings. I just recreated the delay I used back then on the POD for this recording. I have a little more info about it on my blog.
  21. I've never been able to get them very even using a Db meter on my phone. I use a sound pressure level meter that I bought from Radio Shack several years ago and it does a much better job for me.
  22. Nice. I'll definitely give the patches a try.
  23. So do I sense a series of Line 6 electronic gloves heading our way? :P
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